• Jabra Rox Wireless Review – Rockin Headphones

    If you want the ultimate in bluetooth audio read the Jabra Rox Wireless review.

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    Windows 10 Poll

    Find out what consumers think of Windows 10 in our poll.

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    Sony Dealer Show and Product Line 2014

      Sony Canada had a show for their dealers to highlight their product line for the year. We were lucky enough to among the other droolers, and we saw some of the coolest tech ever at the Sony Dealer Show …

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    Windows 8.1 Poll

    Windows 8.1 Poll on general user sentiment.


    Solemate by Jabra Bluetooth Speaker Review

    Review of the Solemate Bluetooth speaker from Jabra.

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    Free TV – Or How Over The Air (OTA) Enables Cutting The Cord

    Here is how to cut the cord (cable) and get Over The Air OTA free HDTV


    iPics2Go Photo Scanner from ION Audio – Product Review

    iPics2Go from ION Audio February 20 2013 – Today we take a look at the iPics2Go from ION Audio. This is a photo scanner (that can also scan negatives and slides) which is available as of today for $29.95 on …

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    iLP from ION Audio – Product Review

    iLP from ION Audio February 7 2013 – Today we take a look at the iLP from ION Audio. This is a turntable (or record player for the young’uns) which is available as of today for $64.95 on Amazon.com (or $99.99 at Best Buy) …

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    Ticketfly Announce Fanbase Loyalty Suite

    Ticketfly releases Fanbase to enable promoters to identify and reward influencers.

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    BlackBerry and Zimbalam Offer Digital Music Distribution

    March 22 2013 – Today we receive some news that might be of interest to our friends in bands (we know many band members are regular readers of T-Mak World). Below is the press release regarding Blackberry (the company formally …

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