• Canadian Music Week

    The central depository for all of T-Mak World coverage relating to Canadian Music Week (CMW)

    2015 Coverage

    CMW 2015 Recommendations

    Acid Priest Emerging Artist Spotlight

    Dead Flowers Emerging Artist Spotlight 

    Aviator Shades Emerging Artist Spotlight

    The Red Rails Emerging Artist Spotlight

    CMW May 1 2015 Recap

    CMW May 2 2015 Recap



    2014 Coverage

    Tupelo Honey Emerging Artist Spotlight

    CMW 2014 Recommendations

    May 6 2014 Recap

    May 7 2014 Recap

    May 8 2014 Recap

    May 9 2014 Recap


    2013 Coverage

    Music: The music program of CMW is called Canadian Music Fest. Our coverage involves interviews called Emerging Artist Spotlights, previews, and gig reviews during the event. We saw 60 bands during CMW 2013.

    Canadian Music Week 2013 Final Event Recap
    T-Mak World Recommendations for Rock at CMW 2013
    T-Mak World Must See Gig Guide For CMW 2013
    5 Rocking Recommendations from Audio Blood Media
    Recap of Day 1 at Canadian Music Week – Tuesday March 19 2013 (12 bands)
    Recap of Day 2 at Canadian Music Week – Wednesday March 20 2013 (15 bands)
    Recap of Day 3 at Canadian Music Week – Thursday March 21 2013 (14 bands)
    Recap of Day 4 at Canadian Music Week – Friday March 22 2013 (13 bands)
    Recap of Day 5 at Canadian Music Week – Saturday March 23 2013 (6 bands)
    CMW Artists One Bad Son and Heaven’s Basement Exclusive 94.9 The Rock Show
    Simon Townshend Opening for Heart at Massey Hall Concert Review

    Emerging Artist Spotlight:

    A Northern Drawl – Toronto, Canada – (Alternative, Psychedelic, Rock)
    Bend Sinister – Vancouver, Canada – (Progressive, Rock, Pop)
    The Bloody Five – Toronto, Canada – (Rock)
    The Breaks – Toronto, Canada –  (Blues,Classic Rock,Country,Rock)
    Dance Laury Dance – Quebec City, Canada –  (Hard Rock)
    Go For The Eyes – Calgary,Canada –  (Alternative, Psychedelic, Rock)
    Manic Sheep – Taipei, Taiwan – (Indie, Pop, Psychedelic, Rock)
    My Excuse – Thessaloniki, Greece – (Alternative, Indie, Rock)
    Project Mars – Ottawa, Canada – (Alternative, Rock)
    Riding Shotgun – Toronto, Canada – (Alternative, Rock)
    Son of 1000 – Johannesburg, South Africa
    Static In The Stars – Vancouver, Canada – (Pop, Rock)

    Movies: The movie program of CMW is called Canadian FilmFest, and we review the movies featured.

    Ain’t In It For My Health: A Film About Levon Helm
    Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Tour Film
    Bad Brains: A Band In DC
    The History Of Future Folk
    The Last Pogo Jumps Again
    Who The F**k Is Arthur Fogel?


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