• T-Mak World CMW 2017 Recommendations

    Sever of Sumo Cyco

    SUMO CYCO’s Sever at their CMW2016 show at Cherry Cola’s

    April 14, 2017 – Finally the improving Spring weather is here and with it, CMW is upon us. Canadian Music Week is Canada’s annual premier music festival now in its 35th year. CMW will take place in dozens of venues around town this week starting on Tuesday and running through Sunday. The festival covers all genres of music, from pop, country, folk and hip hop, but at T-Mak World, we only care about the rockers and this year’s lineup seriously rocks! One Bad Son, Public Animal, Danko Jones are among our favourites, but we’re also looking forward to seeing Chile’s Dr. Vena again.

    The best part of CMW is the chance to catch new bands from across the country, along with some foreign bands that we wouldn’t normally get the chance to see. We’re really excited to see the heavy psych rock of the Dead Heavens from NYC at Lee’s Palace at the Dine Alone Showcase. We’re looking forward to Pretty City from Melbourne, Australia and blues rockers, The High Definitions of Columbus, Ohio. Not to mention some local GTA bands like Crown Lands and Crazy Bones. And we never miss the chance to catch Rush-disciples, Moon Tan of Winnipeg.

    For those that haven’t had the chance to do all the research themselves, we present our T-Mak World CMW recommendations. This is the schedule we’ll be using to plan our week and if you like #RealRock, you can’t go wrong with any of these selections.

    While we want to see all of these bands, sometimes conflicts will force choices. There is a next level of recommendation, the Must See list. The Must See shows are in ALL CAPS in the schedule below.

    So who did we miss? Who are you looking forward to seeing that wasn’t listed? We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below!

    Tuesday, April 18th

    7 pm            Papa Roach/One Bad Son     Danforth Music Hall
    10 pm          Autopilot                                 Nightowl
    10:35 pm     Maldito                                   Drake Underground

    Wednesday, April 19th

    7:30 pm      Goodnight, Sunrise                 Adelaide Hall
    9:50 pm      54-40 (Indie Awards)              Phoenix Concert Theatre
    10 pm         Miesha & The Spanks            Bovine
    11 pm         Grown Up Avernger Stuff       Cherry Cola’s
    11 pm         Return for Refund                   Hard Rock Cafe
    11:30 pm    The Balconies                         Adelaide Hall
    12 am         DANKO JONES                      Velvet Undergound
    12 am         Dune Rats                               Great Hall
    1 am           Diamond Weapon                   Bovine

    Thursday, April 20th

    8 pm          The High Definitions               Smiling Buddha
    10 pm        The Blue Stones                     Cherry Cola’s
    10 pm        Midnight Shine                        Hard Rock Cafe
    11 pm         Pretty City                              Smiling Buddha
    11 pm         Matt Mays                              Lee’s Palace
    11 pm         Goodnight, Sunrise                Cameron House

    Friday, April 21st

    8 pm          Dune Rats                              Lee’s Palace
    8:15 pm     Certainty                                Sneaky Dee’s
    9 pm          Incendies                               Sneaky Dee’s
    9 pm          Jesse                                     Roper Dakota
    10 pm        DEAD HEAVENS                  Lee’s Palace
    10 pm        Menage                                 Cherry Cola’s
    11:15 pm   Crown Lands                         Hard Luck Bar
    12:10 am   BLOODY DIAMONDS          Hard Luck Bar
    12:15 am   Certainty                               Hard Rock Cafe
    1 am          SUMO CYCO                       Bovine
    2 am          A Primitive Evolution             Bovine

    Saturday, April 22nd

    9 pm         Crown Lands                         Bovine
    9 pm         Dr. Vena                                Hard Rock Cafe
    10 pm       ONE BAD SON                     Horseshoe Tavern
    10 pm       Moon Tan                              Bovine
    10:30 pm  Blve Hills                               Smiling Buddha
    12 am       PUBLIC ANIMAL                   Bovine
    12 am       Julian Taylor Band                 Horseshoe Tavern
    12 am       Miesha & The Spanks           Stop, Drop & Roll
    12 am       Dalhousie Grooves               Grace O’Malley’s
    1 am         Last Bullet                             Hard Rock Cafe


    T-Mak World CMW 2017 Recommendations article by Steve Mallinson

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