Charlie McKittrick Releases Army Of Your Soul

Charlie McKittrick

Charlie McKittrick

April 7 2016 – Just a few days ago we published our final review of TimeGiant who happened to have been one of the greatest rock bands to have ever hit the Toronto bar scene. While the band broke up a year ago, we are happy to see their insanely talented members are continuing their musical careers. Today we were treated with the first single from Charlie McKittrick‘s upcoming album entitled Spirit of Change due later this spring.

While McKittrick was the drummer (and occasional vocalist) of TimeGiant he steps out from the back of the stage and takes over the microphone with the mastery of a world class vocalist. Of course McKittrick also plays drums on the track, but oh yeah he does guitars also. The one man machine is only complimented by his ex-bandmate Pat Wilken who lends a helping hand on bass. When you make a piece of art like Army Of Your Soul, it is natural you only trust your closest associates to contribute and we are glad Wilken was able to be part of it.

While the trademark power rock of TimeGiant is not evident in this track, the song succeeds in delivering a euphoric emotion and is a perfect showcase of the talent McKittrick has as an entertainer. Sometimes when we get new music at T-Mak World we have to listen to it many times in order to get the feel of the music (or to actually try and like it). We listened to Army of Your Soul at least 5 times before writing this article for another reason, namely because it is so damn addictive.  If that wasnt enough I had to grab headphones to blast it as I write this article.

If Army Of Your Soul is any indication of the upcoming album we are certain it will be on the Top 10 Albums of 2017 at T-Mak World at the end of the year. Check it out below and make sure you follow McKittrick on Facebook, he will appreciate any support you give him. By the way McKittrick plays gigs most nights of the week around Toronto so you can easily catch him live around town!

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