One Bad Son Raging Bull Unleashed

Adam Hicks (at Horseshoe Tavern)

Adam Hicks (at Horseshoe Tavern)

March 3 2017 – The coolest thing about running a music website is you get to find new bands you love and even better you get to meet the people in those bands. Most of the time you keep it professional and on the surface but on rare occasions you meet people you have a true friendship with. The band that reflects that statement for me more than any other is Canada’s own One Bad Son. All four of the guys are collectively the nicest and most genuine people on the planet. Today we get the privilege to interview my friend Adam Hicks – the guitarist of One Bad Son. The occasion is the release today of the band’s brand new single Raging Bull.

T-Mak – Raging Bull from One Bad Son is going to hit the world hard on March 3rd. Can you tell us more about the song?

Hicks – Yes!! March 3rd, finally. It feels way over due, ha ha! I just want to say thank you to all our fans and supporters over the years. It’s been so great taking everyone on this Rock n Roll journey.

So, Raging Bull. This tune has been kicking around for over a year now, in many different versions. The original musical idea came from the verse riff which I had been messin with for some time. When the boys got their hands on it, it turn out bigger and louder than I foreseen. Which was great! For me, the opening line “feel the temperature rising” sums up this song pretty well. Personally, it’s about those moments where you know what you want, you know you can do it, but it just can’t happen soon enough. Something is almost holding you back. But then you say Fuck it, I’m going for it and nothing will stop me.

T-Mak – We love how you tear up the guitar in the second half of the song, and in fact we love how you guys are not shy to keep your rock pure and not fall into the mainstream trap. How much pressure is there from outside sources to go for a commercial sound and drop the massive guitar solos?

Hicks – Well thanks guys. I was actually quite nervous to throw down the slide solo on this tune. It was motivated indirectly by Gordie Johnson. I love his playing and when I saw him live in Saskatoon last year I really buckled down with the slide. As for thinking mainstream and looking for that commercial sound, I’m not that concerned about it. We definitely always want be fresh and try new ideas but honestly take a look at the charts here in Canada. You’ve got Green Day, Nickelback, and even Ghost. All rock songs, but, also all very different. It gives me confidence that good music will get noticed. We have always told ourselves, the day OBS starts chasing trends is a day we will never see. It’s just not our style.

T-Mak – Wait, did you just call Nickelback, rock? Hmmm – let me try not to laugh. Joking aside – Album, album, album…. When?

Hicks – When we are done recording it! Hahaha! But seriously, we felt no need to rush this one. We’re gonna make this album our biggest yet. It is close though, as long as scheduling works out we should have it in the bag by the end of May with a release shortly after that. I must say though, thank you for everyone’s patience with this.

One Bad Son Raging Bull

One Bad Son Raging Bull

T-Mak – Raging Bull sees a new direction in design for OBS which is very cool. Was that created in-house by the band (we now singer Shane Volk is a world-class artist) like on previous releases or a design agency?

Hicks –  Thank you. We actually let this design come from the outside circle of OBS. We told them what we pictured as a band but we also wanted some outside perspective. If you can’t trust your team in this day and age you’ve got some issues to deal with. But don’t worry, you will be seeing much more of Shane’s original artwork as part of OBS.

T-Mak – Your last two albums kicked ass both musically and on the charts, how will the new material carry on with the momentum and path set by Black Buffalo and One Bad Son?

Hicks –  No bones about it. We want a #1 and we want to break internationally. We feel as a band we are there and we are very excited and confident with the new songs. A slow build in the music industry is a very good thing. Not much can surprise us these days

T-Mak – Lots of hair seems to have been cut from the collective band. Is this the new look for 2017?
Hicks – Not for this guy! Never! Hahaha. Shaner is rockin the Hawk, Granny is a sexy beast and KD is rock n roll. Sounds like a good new look!

One Bad Son

One Bad Son

T-Mak – Any Toronto shows we can look forward to? In fact any shows at all to announce Canada wide as yet?
Hicks – Believe me, YES! The festival dates have been coming in nicely, should be announced soon. Toronto is on the top of our list. And sooner than later for sure. Just keep your ears open. I hear there’s a little something called CMW coming up. You know we love that. Canada will have a more than healthy fix of OBS very soon!

T-Mak – Sounds good and in fact the first time we ever saw you as a random unknown (to us) band was at CMW before you guys got the hits.  Do you guys know if any radio stations will be playing Raging Bull on March 3rd? Anyone premiering the track?
Hicks –  Yes, Raging Bull will be spun coast to coast starting March 3rd on rock radio. We gave our hometown Saskatoon first crack last Friday. RocknRoll is alive and well. We are here to stay! OBS loves you…

Thanks for the time Adam and can’t wait to discuss further in person. All the best.

Connect with One Bad Son:
Instagram: @OneBadSon
Facebook: /OneBadSon
Twitter: @OneBadSon

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