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Michael Sadler

Michael Sadler

March 15 2017 – In an article in 2013  Rolling Stones Magazines featured SAGA as one of their Top 10 Canadian Rock Stars (and since Nickelback was not on the list you know it was legit). Their vocalist Michael Sadler is a world class front-man and is really up there with the greats such as Mercury, Plant, and Daltrey both on showmanship and vocal prowess.

If you are not aware SAGA is now in their 40th year as a band and have also announced it will be their last. This means that the members of the band will be able to work on other projects and we have word of two such events that Sadler will be part of around the Toronto area (and one he is associated with). If you want a chance to be in the presence of a true rock star in an intimate setting these will be of interest to you.

March 25 2017 – Terry Brown’s Master Class at Phase One Studios

Terry Brown Sound Recording Master Class

Terry Brown Sound Recording Master Class

This is a full day master class with legendary record producer Terry Brown (thats the dude that produced all the classic RUSH albums including 2112 and Moving Pictures!!! (yes triple exclamation marks)). Terry will go through the entire recording process at Phase One studios in Toronto, with David Barrett Trio featuring Michael Sadler (Saga). The day will start with a meet and greet at 11am followed by microphone placement, bed tracks, overdubs, and finally the mixing process. All attendees will be in the control room with Terry and have a hands on experience as we finish a song from front to back. An informal Q&A session with Terry entitled “I Read My Brother’s Book” will take place followed by a nightime reception with an in studio performance by David Barrett Trio and Michael Sadler. This event will be fully catered. David Barrett of David Barrett Trio was featured on T-Mak World and you can read  that interview here.

When we asked Sadler what to expect, he told us “Terry will talk about his book as well as recording techniques followed by DB3 and myself recording a brand new song from scratch, followed by a performance in the studio.”

Event details here.

March 26 2017 – Radius Child & Youth Services at Classic Bowl Lounge

This event is part of the Rock & Bowl Sessions intimate and interactive concert series presented by Classic Bowl. Ticket holders will have an opportunity to ask performers questions in-between songs. Tickets are ONLY $20 and ENTIRE amount will be donated to the artist’s charity of choice (Radius Child & Youth Services in this instance).

On the 26th of this month I’m doing a special acoustic performance/Q&A for a charity event (Radius Child & Youth Services) at a bowling alley in Mississauga. Very up close and personal, just myself and Dave Barrett on guitar” Sadler told us. For those that don’t know David Barrett we interviewed him and you can read that here.

April 22 2017 – Radius Child and Youth Services Mardi Gras Celebration

Last year Sadler performed and this year he is the spokesperson for the Radius Child and Youth Services charity. The event itself is a Mardi Gras style celebration and it takes place at Le Dome Banquet Hall in Oakville.

Check out the info video here:

Micheal Sadler article by Terry Makedon
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