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Brid Floyd

Brit Floyd

What started off in 2012 with the first Brit Floyd visit to Toronto’s Sony Center continues 5 years later on March 31 2017 as the band triumphantly returns for yet another highly anticipated visit. This is a must see show that will blow you away as it did us. We also have a pair of tickets to give away so keep reading and to whet your appetite this is our conclusion of Brit Floyd’s 2012 review.

Verdict 5 out of 5: Pink Floyd’s timeless masterpieces presented in a barrage of sight and sound that would make Misters Waters, Gilmour, Mason, Wright (and Barrett) proud of their legacy.

In the past we interviewed Bassist/Vocalist Ian Cattell, Guitarist/Vocalist Damian Darlington, and former member Bobby Harrison. To celebrate the occasion we took the opportunity to talk to Edo Scordo – one of the primary guitarists of the band.

T-Mak World – Hi Edo it’s a pleasure to have you answer some questions for our readers. We noticed you were the guitarist for The Classic Rock Show (which we reviewed very recently) – how is being in Brit Floyd different than that show?

Scordo – Hi Guys, and a big “Ciao” to all the readers! First of all I have to say that “The Classic Rock Show” is still part of me, I so much enjoyed playing in that band in 2015 that I still try to help the production and the band as much as I can even if I’m not playing, making the show better and better! The experience itself was amazing from all perspectives; I had the chance to spend time with great musicians, and amazing people. I made new friends for life, and I learned so much from the band and the crew. Playing in Brit Floyd is of course a different experience and it’s still amazing; we all feel a little more pressure from the crowd expectation, because is a tribute band and we are supposed to play for a crowd of real Pink Floyd fans and they know very well the whole catalogue so every song needs to sound as close to the original as we can manage. In the Classic rock show we felt less of this pressure, because of the wide varieties of artists we covered and for this reason  it was perhaps easier to impress the crowd which didn’t expect the same degree of accuracy. The level of details we are working on in both show Brit Floyd and CRS is unbelievable, and we all try to improve the level of our personal performances to get closer to our references and to our goal, because we like it, because it’s our way. Hope to play again with my friends in CRS at some point in the future, but even if I don’t have this chance, I’ll be their biggest fan and supporter !!

T-Mak World – What is the single best moment of a Brit Floyd show for you?  How does it feel?

Scordo – It is a bit hard to describe. Honestly as a musician I really love seeing smiling faces in the crowd, expressions of disbelief, joy, excitement, and in general all the very strong emotions that usually our show causes; and this could happen from the very first note played, or at any point during the show. I just love it. I play better when the crowd is loud, when they enjoy themselves, when they support us and sing along!! But as a fan, my favorite moment is probably when Damian plays the second solo in Comfortably Numb, it’s always cool ! In this new setlist Dogs is one of my favorite songs to play and and always has been one of my favorite tunes to listen to.

T-Mak World – Mozart and Beethoven pieces were written 200 years ago and still are considered the pinnacle of a certain era. Do you believe Pink Floyd would have the same longevity 200 years down the road. Is Pink Floyd timeless or just a reflection of a certain time and age that is on its last wings currently?

Scordo – I really hope so and actually we have been listening to and loving their music since the sixties, so more than 50 years now, and I believe it’s not hard to believe that this is going to last for a very long time. Probably Mozart and Beethoven are covered by mystery, because we don’t have the chance to listen to any original recordings, we just have the scores of their masterpieces, but their music is always going to be played (or conducted) by someone else, and this thing makes, in my opinion, their music more fascinating. Pink Floyd music is part of our history, it documents our history and is an expression of our culture , “we” played their music in space, and I think it is fair to say that their legacy could last forever.

T-Mak World – What is new about this year’s Brit Floyd production?

Scordo – For this 2017 Immersion tour, we have many new things. A new setlist which includes songs that Brit Floyd has not performed before. We have new videos, created by our “Media Director” Bryan Kolupsky. We’ve invested in new lights and re designed the light show. We have some new on stage equipment, new guitars, and some other instruments and of course new sounds and tones for our guitars featuring the amazing Axe Fx by Fractal Audio System. More accurate and even more realistic. And it seems we have a new crowd :-) For the first time we are realizing from the beginning of this 2017 tour that a vast percentage of our crowd is new, and a lot of young people are attending our shows and it is amazing seeing the interaction between the various generations, enjoying the show together and sharing the same timeless passion.

T-Mak World – If someone has never seen Brit Floyd can you tell them what to expect?

Scordo – well…. If you love Pink Floyd it’s a great show. It’s a show made by real Pink Floyd Fans, for real Pink Floyd Fans. For us, I think that this is the most important aspect we want to be known for; I think it’s more important than how many lights we display, how many colors our lasers can produce, and how big is our inflatable pig!!  We love playing this music ! We love the process of making the show better and better.

Edo Scordo

Edo Scordo

T-Mak World – What did you think of Gilmour’s latest solo album – Rattle That Lock?

Scordo – I think it’s a very good record, I really like it. I’m still listening to it very often, and as a musician I’m always fascinated by the way he can inspire himself or be inspired by something. I think his wife, Polly Samson, made a remarkable job writing such elegant and passionate lyrics that match the music perfectly. It’s definitely one of the best album of the last 10 years.

T-Mak World- Totally agree with you and in fact it was our number one album on T-Mak World Top 10 Albums of 2015. What about Roger Waters and his upcoming album in May? Any expectations?

Scordo – Of course I’m excited! As far as I’ve heard from some trailers and videos on Youtube, it sounds somewhere in between Animals and The Final Cut ! I Can’t wait !

T-Mak World – What about you, are you working on anything on your own in terms of solo material perhaps?

Scordo – Yes I’m working on something, but I’ve decided to take all the time I need for this record. I want it to be something that really sounds like ME, it has to be something that I like 100%, so I don’t actually know when it’s going to be released. It’s not a guitar orientated record, it sounds more like a “band album”, there are a couple of guitar solos, but nothing too complex or of too virtuoso a nature. It’s all about the story, the feelings.
We will see :)

Brit Floyd Immersion

Brit Floyd Immersion

To celebrate the show Brit Floyd has given our readers a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Toronto show! To enter send an email to contests (at) tmakworld (dot) com and include BRIT FLOYD TORONTO in the subject line and tell us your favorite Pink Floyd song and your name. Bonus entry for liking the T-Mak World Facebook page! Winner will be selected March 29th.

Brit Floyd Toronto Article by Terry Makedon

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