• David Barrett Trio Live in Concert


    David Barrett Trio

    May 7, 2014 – Back in December of 2013 T-Mak World reviewed the self-titled masterpiece David Barrett Trio. At that time we marvelled at how well the album flowed from one song to the next and the musicianship of the trio.

    David Barrett Trio

    David Barrett Trio

    Well I now had the pleasure of watching the David Barrett Trio (A.K.A. DB3) live at The Orbit Room.  This astonishing progressive rock band consisting of guitarist / composer David Barrett, bassist Jason Farrar and percussionist Sascha Tukatsch. DB3 put on a show that was second to none!

    DB3 entertained the audience with a selection of masterful new instrumentals from their latest CD The Laud Album and smash hits from their self-titled debut CD.

    David Barrett Trio

    David Barrett Trio

    Barrett is a masterful guitarist who’s technical skill is to be awed. He will keep you mesmerized as he burns through riff after riff. If you consider yourself a fan of the guitar, then you will quickly become a fan of the David Barrett Trio!

    David Barrett Trio

    David Barrett Trio

    The humble bass guitar is an under-appreciated beast. Yet its hard to imagine DB3’s instrumentals would be the driving force that they are without the technically gifted Farrar. His fret board gymnastics are impossible to ignore!

    David Barrett Trio

    David Barrett Trio

    The drums are the essential backbone of any  band and Tukatsch is a percussionist who keeps the audience engaged and bobbing their heads along to the beat!

    David Barrett Trio

    David Barrett Trio

    These friendly down to earth musicians simply amaze you with virtuoso ability. I would highly recommend having a listen to both of the band`s CD and keeping an eye out for a live event.

    Verdict: 4 out of 5

    The set list:

    • Rotary Park
    • Ravenswood
    • Chasing Sound
    • Hologram
    • Hollowbody
    • Disappearance
    • Atomsmasher
    • Knot
    • Aftermath
    • Dive
    • Great Eastern Sun
    • Elegant Universe
    • Sonar
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    One Response to David Barrett Trio Live in Concert

    1. Toronto Jim says:

      Seen them twice now. Last time was when they opened for Carl Palmer at the El Mo.
      Was a great night of music enjoyed by all who were there.

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