Evil Feed – Film Review Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2013 Review

Evil Feed

Evil Feed

Oct 23 2013 – Toronto After Dark Film Festival presents the world premier of Evil Feed today. Check out our Evil Feed review if you like gore, nudity, martial arts fighting and action then this movie is a treat.

In Chinatown lurks a restaurant where a fight club style death match  in the basement. Losers die and get served up as food on the menu. Unlike the jokes about Chinese restaurants serving rat meat to their unsuspecting customers, Evil Feed is all about patrons wanting to pick what cut of human meat they would like to dine on.

With characters named Phat Phuk and gratuitous boobs the viewer immediately realizes this is going to be a fun ride and not to be taken seriously. At Long Pig restaurant the techno music blares and the password to get in is “You Are What You Eat” but most importantly the house special is the Dicky Roll – use your imagination it aint hard to figure out what type of meat that is.

When Jenna’s (Laci Mailey) dad goes missing her friends Pete (Curtis Lam), Tyrone (Alain Chanoine), and Carlos (Bishop Brigante) and Brian (Derek Gilroy) want to find him but alas they get captured as well. In the depths of the Long Pink cage matches lead to death of one of the combatants and Jenna’s boyfriend Nash (Sebastion Gacki) is on the bill tonight.

A side plot features the shop owner Steven (Terry Chen) meeting with Madam Dragonfly (Carrie Genzel) about their similar restaurants  and their house specialities – his Dicky Roll and her Nipple Tartar. Steven’s  jealous nymph girlfriend Yuki (Shirleyann Mason) has a killer body to go with her killer sex drive and she is out for some fun while Steven is conducting business. Needless to say there is gore and blood involved with all the happenings in the restaurant.

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 A damn good bloody ride with boobs and martial arts!  While the fights are not very central to the movie the Street Fighter type characters in the steel cage are quite entertaining. Essentially this movie defies a genre as it is as much a comedy as an action thriller. The end result is a satisfying film with plenty of laughs.

Review – Terry Makedon
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