TimeGiant – A Night To Remember CD Review

TimeGiant A Night To Remember CD Review

TimeGiant A Night To Remember CD Review


September 9 2013 – They say that you only get only one chance to make a first impression and the first impression in this case comes from an album sleeve. A Night To Remember is the 3rd offering from Toronto based Hard Rock heavyweights TimeGiant and if you are attentive here is the first impression you will get; a third person view from  the back middle seat of a car driving down what appears to be a desert highway lined with palm trees and a serene sunrise (or is it a sunset)? Take a closer look, an analog dial radio, an 8 track player in the car (not a CD), an 8 ball for a gear shift, a very long haired driver wearing leather jacket and leather gloves – and a red tinged skyscraper filled city in the rearview mirror. This cover oozes the 70’s and almost looks like an homage to The Eagles Hotel California album cover. Turn the cover over and the back side gives a different view, and answers the mystery of the rear view mirror – we see a city on fire with a muscle car speeding away. Pause, look at the cover again front and then back…. absorb it… first impression kicked ass didn’t it? If this concept came out in 1974 on a vinyl LP it would have gone down as one of the top classic rock album covers ever. But alas an album cover is not what you listen to nor is it what you purchased this CD for, so lets dive right in.

TimeGiant A Night To Remember CD Review

TimeGiant A Night To Remember CD Review

TimeGiant is a band that formed in 2006 and features original members Tyrone Buccione on Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar and Saxophone, Ryan Watson on Rhythm Guitar and Pat Wilken on Bass and Vocals. TimeGiant brought in a new drummer last year, Charlie McKittrick (who also does Vocals) to round out the lineup. Although the four guys are from various locations around Ontario (Ottawa, Erieau, Blenheim and Hamilton respectively) they are Toronto based and a regular act in the downtown bars of Toronto such as The Horseshoe Tavern, Cherry Cola’s Rock n Rolla, and The Rivoli.

T-Mak World has been a rabid supporter of TimeGiant and their brand of 70’s infused hard rock for some time now and we have showered them with plenty of accolades such as “Best of NXNE 2012“, “Best of CMW 2012“, “Best of CMW 2013” and a “Top 10 Indie Band of 2012“. In one of our reviews we wrote “Excellent performance from one Canada’s best up and coming bands. My money is on them to be Toronto’s next big band in the tradition of Max Webster, Triumph and Rush. Mustaches and long hair have never been cooler!” Clearly we have high expectations for A Night To Remember. Let us investigate track by track what the giants of time have offered us.

1) I Am The Fire

The CD kicks off with a no-holds-barred rocker. Try and get this song out of your head after you hear it 3 times. Good luck. Just like Led Zeppelin wasted no time in Zeppelin II by kicking it off with Whole Lotta Love, TimeGiant prove they have the confidence to come out swinging in the first round with guns blazing. This song is best heard loud and with lyrics like “I’m the rocket fuel king of the mushroom cloud” the song oozes with cock rock machismo and beautiful layered guitar throughout. The power solo 2:30 minutes into the song summons the guitar gods of the 70’s such as Gilmour, May and Iommi. Absolutely the right choice for the kick off track to the CD and a major highlight of the album.

2) We Forgot The Reason 

A strong vocal performance kicks off the flurry of drums and guitars in the first 30 seconds of this song and then a very unexpected twist occurs and the song spends another 30 seconds taking on a country flavor. Buccione pleads “help me, I’m a slave” and the guitars come to a melodic flow half-way through the song. We Forgot The Reason shows TimeGiant’s versatility and this song more than any other deviates from the classic rock formula on the album. TimeGiant is clearly not a one trick pony and We Forgot The Reason proves that.

3) Been Here Before 

A very melodic hard rocker full of TimeGiant goodness and begging for an audience sing along from the first moment. Vocals are omnipresent and in fact it seems that half the song passes by before Buccione and his backing vocalists (McKittrick and Wilken) catch a breath. The song builds up nicely and once again we get the signature TimeGiant guitars kicking in at the roughly 2 minute mark. Truly a party track if there has ever been one best served up on a warm summer night on a deck with a frosty mug beer. This one will get you wanting to get up and scream along “I have been here before”. The song was selected by the band as the first single in their bid to get radio play.

4) Candy From A Feather 

Soon one day we’ll be old and turning grey, but how will you remember your life“. Man, if I was performing on a song like this one I know exactly how I will remember my life. This tune is a wonderful example of the band firing on all pistons, screeching guitars, rousing vocals, steady yet impactful drums, booming bass and a sax solo (yup you read that right). Candy From A Feather is a song that TimeGiant re-recorded for A Night To Remember and certainly benefits from the obvious top notch production it received. Depending on your personality (and possibly sex) you will want to either get up and dance or grab your beer bottle by the neck and bob your head – one thing is certain is that this song will impact you hard. This is the beauty of TimeGiant displayed brilliantly for an aural ride.

5) Blind 

My favorite song on the CD. Full stop. Sweet hard rock…. mmmmm….. Every time this song comes on while I listen to the CD I instinctively turn it up as loud as possible. The Geezer Butler (he’s from Black Sabbath just in case you came to this review accidentally from a Bieber fan site) bass buildup in the song is magical and even takes the spotlight away from the beautiful screeching guitars. Canadian power rock at it’s best – but unfortunately ends too short. This song begs to be at least 5 minutes (if not 9) and I am certain will be a great showcase for the band in a live setting. If you like your rock hard and you get to only ever hear one TimeGiant song, this is the one kiddies.

TimeGiant 2013

TimeGiant A Night To Remember CD Review- TimeGiant 2013

6) White Window

TimeGiant’s opus magnum redone. This was one of the band’s first songs ever and probably their most successful commercially. It was a staple on Windsor radio when it first came out in 2009 and is a damn good song. I personally didn’t think that it needed to be redone and then I heard it a few times and changed my mind. The layers upon layers of music has taken this from being a “damn good song” to being a “damn incredible song”. Buccione once again delivers an incredible vocal performance and plants a thought in the listener’s head – what is this freakin’ white window and why is he singing about it so passionately. {Ed. Note – the answer to the question can be found in our video interview of TimeGiant coming very soon}.

7) Hard Lovin’ Woman 

Kicking off with a sound right out of mid 60’s Beatles this album closer is a party anthem and one can envision it being danced to along with The Twist. With a hint of a rockabilly flavor the beautiful time changes make this one an urgent roller coaster ride. The guitars come in blazing along with the sax at the right time and when things slow down to a drum beat we know the climax is not far. TimeGiant once again define their sound and expand out of the straight rockers that we expect from them.

The album was produced with a variety of producers including Greig Nori, Jon Drew, and Ross Hayes Citrullo. It was recorded at Coalition Music Studios, Metal Works Studios, Central Audio, Dream House Studios and Epik Productions.

If you dont like physical CD’s the album is available on iTunes right here. Release date September 11 2013.

Verdict: 5 out of 5  

You want the summary? Here it is – the best hard rock Indie record of 2013 and a Best Of T-Mak World.

I can not predict whether this EP will become a mainstay of Canadian rock radio from coast to coast but it sure deserves to be. If only the right set of ears deeply connected in the industry spends some time with this album and sees the band as commercially viable, many rock fans country wide will be very satisfied. TimeGiant have captured the best of 70’s rock and have transcended time to deliver an emotionally charged album that is multi dimensional, deep, electric and serves notice to what #RealRock sounds like.

Kudos gentlemen and thank you for the dedication, commitment, passion, and sweat you have put into this fine piece of art – from the godfather.

TimeGiant A Night To Remember CD Review

TimeGiant 2013

TimeGiant A Night To Remember CD Review

Review -Terry Makedon 
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5 Responses to TimeGiant – A Night To Remember CD Review

  1. Frank says:

    Good tunes. Like it.

  2. Sylvia says:

    That is a very nice review been following your reviews on Facebook and they are very impressive and always interesting. Love The photography to always capturing the story with the image. Thanks

  3. Toronto Jim says:

    What a great show. What a bargain getting this new EP for 5 bucks!
    Would really like to see them play somewhere and see more than one set.
    They played four songs and then the entire EP. Was a great show and a good turnout.
    Terry what is the song they did just before playing the EP? It was different from anything else they play from what I have heard. Was a great evening and I still did not get to meet you! Maybe next time.

  4. T-Mak says:

    That was Farcaster! Great tune.
    My favorite was the one before that called After The Battle at Mt. Megiddo check video here http://youtu.be/OF9HwIX5uQQ

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