• T-Mak World Must See Shows of Canadian Music Week (CMW) 2013


    March 18, 2013 – Last week we published our 2013 recommendations for Canadian Music Week which starts tomorrow (Tuesday) night. We went through every band to cut the list down to something reasonably manageable, but still ended up with far too many to see. There are many time slots when we want to to see five or six different bands in different venues. This is the best and worst part of CMW. Sometimes, if they’re close, like the Hideout and Bovine, you can pretty easily catch a good amount of two bands in the same time slot but it’s impossible to see everything. So ultimately, difficult decisions need to be made and it’s good to have the framework of a plan before setting out. Once at a comfortable venue, there’s always the inclination to stay there. You need to know what you might be missing elsewhere, so take a minute to print out the schedule here and highlight your own key Must See bands.

    Here are T-MAK World’s Must See Gigs of CMW 2013 in alphabetic order. Remember we are a ROCK N ROLL site so don’t be surprised if you don’t see Rihanna and DJ JerseyShore on our list. Our motto for CMW is #RockLoud

    A Primitive Evolution

    Cherry Colas, Saturday at 9pm

    The Hideout, Saturday at 3am

    A Primitive Evolution

    Bend Sinister

    Cherry Colas, Thursday at 11pm
    The Hideout, Friday at 2am
    Black Mastiff
    Cherry Colas, Saturday at 1am
    The Hideout, Friday at 11pm
    The Hideout, Saturday at 1am

    Heaven’s Basement
    Cherry Colas, Friday at 11pm
    The Hideout, Saturday at 11pm
    Jackson Firebird
    The Hideout, Saturday at 10pm
    Rivoli, Friday at 1am
    Horseshoe at Saturday at 2pm
    Kingdon of Few
    Underground Garage, Saturday at 9pm
    This band will force us to give up our barstools at The Hideout! Not good!
    Last Bullet
    Cherry Colas, Friday at 8pm
    Horseshoe, Friday at 12am
    Monster Truck
    Kool Haus, Wednesday. Tickets $45, Note: limited wristbands/passes accepted
    The downside of this selection is your wristband may not be accepted and there is no start time published. You may be there to see Monster Truck and you might to see Marianas Trench instead. This is definitely a high risk/high reward selection!
    My Excuse
    The Hideout, Wednesday at 10pm
    The Sister, Thursday at 12am
    One Bad Son
    The Hideout, Thursday at 9pm
    Underground Garage, Wednesday at 12am
    Stone River
    Cadillac Lounge, Wednesday at 12am

    Stone River

    The Balconies
    Lee’s Palace, Thursday at 10pm
    The Dyadics
    Painted Lady, Friday at 1am

    The Dyadics

    Underground Garage, Saturday at 11pm
    Rivoli, Friday at 11pm

    Click here for a printable schedule.

    Check out all the T-MAK World CMW 2013 coverage here.

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