Heaven’s Basement and One Bad Son Presented by 94.9 The Rock – Concert Review

Shane Volk of One Bad Son

March 23, 2013 On Thursday, T-Mak World had the privilege to attend another invite only presentation from radio station 94.9 The Rock, Toronto’s kick ass rock radio station and the favorite station of the boys at T-Mak World. Once again the venue was Toronto’s Hard Rock Café the same place we got to see the Intimate & Interactive show by the Rival Sons last month. You can read about that one here (as well as see the bands performance on video).

The occasion today was an intimate and interactive show from one of Canada’s upcoming rock bands heading for the stratosphere, One Bad Son. Heaven’s Basement from the UK were also on the bill. The 2 bands are very familiar with each other having just toured Canada with Buckcherry. This week they’re in town for Canadian Music Week (CMW). This article has links to the YouTube videos of full performances of each band.

Heaven’s Basement

Aaron Buchanan of Heaven’s Basement

Up first was Heaven’s Basement, a kick ass rock and roll band from England that put on a great set. Their current lineup has been around for only about a year and a half but they’re so cohesive that you’d think they’d been around for many years. The band originally formed in 2008 and 2013 looks like the breakout year for them and their brand of energetic hard rock.

Sid Glover of Heaven’s Basement

Lead singer Aaron Buchanan, who joined in 2011, is the final piece of that time enduring formula of a charismatic lead singer with an incredible guitarist. Aaron is part Axl, part Ozzy but mostly like other recent classic hard rockers is creating his own identity as a power singer. Guitarist Sid Glover is just plain out bad ass. His riffs and power slides with the mic stand were one of the many highlights of their set. Comparisons to the master guitarists from England are totally warranted and with a name like Sid how could he not be a great ‘bad ass’ rocker. Rob ‘Bones’ Ellershaw on hard driving bass and Chris Rivers, a maniac on drums, round out the energetic sound.

Rob ‘Bones’ Ellershaw of Heaven’s Basement
Ellershaw and Buchanan of Heaven’s Basement

The band’s latest album, Filthy Empire, has been received very positively and should be getting increasing airplay around the globe. Heaven’s Basement stated that they have been enjoying Toronto, let’s hope they enjoyed it enough to make Toronto a regular stop despite their busy schedule. After CMW and a quick stop in New York they head back home before embarking on a short European tour. They will spend the summer on the festival circuit in the US and Europe. We look forward to their return to Toronto in the near future and hope that they inspire more the youth in England to follow in their footsteps.

Get a free download of their single Fire, Fire at their website.

Sid Glover of Heaven’s Basement

Check the video of the show below.

Ellershaw, Buchanan, Rivers, Glover of Heaven’s Basement

Website: heavensbasement.com
Twitter: @heavensbasement
Facebook: HeavensBasement

One Bad Son

One Bad Son

One Bad Son are: lead singer Shane Volk, Adam Hicks on guitar, Adam (“Granny”) Grant on bass and Kurt Dahl on drums. Originally from Saskatoon but now calling Vancouver home, they are carrying on the tradition of great Canadian Rock. With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Guns and Roses, they have the sound that Canadian rock fans have been dreaming of for awhile; good hard rock without the attempt to be the next flavour of the month indie or alternative band. No banjos here.

One Bad Son

One Bad Son has been on T-Mak World’s radar since last year’s CMW when they were a T-Mak World Gig of the Night for their show at Cherry Cola’s. We profiled the band shortly thereafter here and were the first to review the new CD here. Back in November, bassist Grant co-wrote an Indie On Indie article with The Blue Stones which you can find here.

It’s easy to see why Scarecrows from One Bad Son was the #5 song in Canada. It’s a great song, a favorite of T-Mak World which has garnered lots of airplay in Canada and especially at 94.9 The Rock, the home of rock in the GTA. So it was great to have the opportunity to see them rock it out and see why the band are getting the recognition they deserve.

One Bad Son

Volk started off by saying that it was great to play their first ever matinee and what better way to spend a Thursday afternoon than with some Canadian rock. We could not agree more and they did not disappoint!!

Shane Volk of One Bad Son singing Scarecrows

Playing songs from the latest self titled album, Volk also noted that eastern Canada has jumped on the bandwagon for their music and made the west play it more. Volk also noted that they are now becoming more recognized as someone informed him that the last time in Toronto he wore the same wardrobe. Grant also stated he wore the same shirt last time but no one noticed. Bass players never get any respect. Here’s T-Mak World giving you the respect.

Adam (“Granny”) Grant of One Bad Son

Volk is one amazing hard rocker singer, a Canadian gem and he has the pipes to give anyone in rock history a run for their money. He can blast the rock and roll screams a la Axl and on their new upcoming single, It Ain’t Right, he continues to show his power ballad side. It Ain’t Right should at least continue if not surpass the success of Scarecrows.

Kurt Dahl of One Bad Son

The two Adams, Hicks on guitar and Grant on bass, complete the hard sound that should take the band to the top of Canadian rock. Of course like many bands the drummer is often the coolest cat and the glue that binds the band together and Kurt is no exception.

Adam Hicks of One Bad Son

One Bad Son will be back on the east coast (Ed Note: Is Toronto really considered the east coast?)  later this year and we look forward to getting more acquainted these great guys who not only have the musical talent but the real rock star charisma required to make it.

Kurt Dahl, Adam Grant, Shane Volk, Adam Hicks are One Bad Son

Check out the full video from the event. Thanks to 94.9 The Rock. Keep spreading the word my brothers, rock n roll isn’t dead. It is back and better than ever as One Bad Son and Heaven’s Basement [edit: and Rival Sons!] clearly demonstrate.

Website: www.onebadson.com
Twitter: @OneBadSon
Facebook: onebadson

Review and videos by Michael Litt, photos by Steve Mallinson

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