Floyd Factor: Andre Filippetti Exclusive Interview and Contest

Andre Filippetti of Floyd Factor

March 6 2013 – We previously announced a killer double bill of Hot Rocks (Rolling Stones) and Floyd Factor (Pink Floyd) at The Rockpile on Friday March 15th. We have a contest in the interview so keep reading! You can check out details here. Today we have the honor of catching up with the guitarist/vocalist of Floyd Factor – Andre Filippetti. Here is what he had to tell us:

T-Mak World: Dre thanks for taking the time to do this for our readers, very cool of you. How long have you been playing Pink Floyd, and why Floyd?

AF: Floyd Factor has been together since 2006, so that’s over six years now. But I started listening to Pink Floyd and playing the material (privately) in 1978. As to why we chose to tribute Floyd, that’s a tougher answer. The main reason was that we all love this music, and we missed it in the 90’s and early 2000’s. We also felt that some other Floyd bands in the province were not doing much justice to the music, which as fans bugged us.

T-Mak World: What is the most challenging Pink Floyd song to play live and why?

AF: Probably Dogs because of the arrangement and dynamic changes throughout the length of the song. That track also necessitates quick changes between acoustic and electric guitars during certain parts of the song, and the guitars also need to be tuned down a whole step to keep it faithful to the key of the original recording. It just doesn’t sound the same if you’re tuned to standard tuning (A-440). Songs like Echoes, Sheep, and One Of These Days have their challenges, too.

T-Mak World: Have you ever seen Pink Floyd live yourself? If so when and where.

AF: Yes, twice, though somewhat regrettably in their post-Waters incarnation. They were the Momentary Lapse of Reason and Division Bell tours. I’ve seen several Waters and Gilmour solo tours since then, as well. Other guys in the band saw them in the 70’s, though.

T-Mak World: At the end of 2012 we released our picks for the Top 10 Rock Albums of 2012 (which you can see here). What do you think we forgot about?

AF: Hmmmm,…  Not having actually bought an album that was produced in 2012, I’m challenged on this. But I do love the Arkels from Hamilton.

T-Mak World: Gotta ask you the desert island question, but this time you can bring with you 2 records. One Pink Floyd and one non. What 2 records would you have with you on that desert island?

AF: Yikes, you’re asking a musician to pick only two albums! Might as well ask which of my children I would bring with me. But ok, I’ll bite – how about for Floyd; Obscured by Clouds, and maybe Roxy Music Avalon… Impossible question though for me. Would take hours of deliberation.

T-Mak World: Indeed, but I love to hear musician’s picks. That certainly is an interesting Floyd album. We have 2 tickets to give away for your show at Toronto’s The Rockpile on Friday March 15thst. I would like you to give our readers a Pink Floyd trivia question. {To enter the contest please email us at tmakworld (at) gmail (dot) com, include FLOYD FACTOR ROCKS in the subject line and your name and answer to the trivia question in the main body }

AF: Let me think about something that you can’t just find in 2 seconds by Googling it…how about: What was the make of the guitar that David Gilmour used for the third/last guitar solo in Money?

T-Mak World: Love it! Any closing words for our readers?

AF: If you love Floyd but haven’t seen Floyd Factor before, then we sure hope you’ll check us out at The Rockpile in Etobicoke on March 15th, when we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of Dark Side of the Moon. It still holds up pretty well, and we understand that if you listen closely at the right time, you can still hear it being performed live, note for note.

Andre Filippetti of Floyd Factor



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2 Responses to Floyd Factor: Andre Filippetti Exclusive Interview and Contest

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had Floyd Factor come up to Hearst to play at our winter carnaval this year with Sonic Boom. They went through winter hell to get here. Burnt out of the 30 hours or so to get here, they played great, real pros. Everyone I talked to after the show really enjoyed the performance. The songs were right on. Must say that Chloé has quite the voice. If you have the chance to go see them don't miss it. I know I would go see them again. Keep on Floyding my friends.

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