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    T-Mak World coverage of Canadian Music Week 2013 is centralized here – your one stop guide for rock at this year’s festival. 

    March 13, 2013 – Canadian Music Week 2013 is almost upon us and as always it promises to be an incredible event. CMW is actually three events in one, Music, Comedy and Film. T-MAK World is primarily focused on the Music and Film of CMW. This year the Music Fest is bigger than ever with over 1000 artists playing at 60 venues over 6 nights. To take full advantage of what CMW has to offer, a wristband is really the only way to go. At only $60 for the week, it’s a great value because it provides access to all CMW showcases, the Comedy festival and Film screenings. The VIP wristband is recommended for enthusiasts who’ll be very active at venues. Aside from the exclusive VIP gigs like Nick Cave at Massey Hall, and after parties, it provides priority access to clubs at capacity (this is especially important if the weather is less than ideal). And it comes with an official 2013 Canadian Music Fest t-shirt. Get your wristbands here.
    One Bad Son at CMW 2012
    So, you’re getting a wristband, now what? With 1000 artists, where do you start? How do you plan your week? Well that’s where T-MAK World comes in. To help you out, we’ve reviewed every band playing at CMW and made a list of just those that rock. Bad news is there’s so much good music that even this “short” list has 109 bands playing a total of 136 shows. But that’s hardly bad news! Plus there are 6 “Secret” shows that won’t get announced until the day of the event. Stay close to Twitter to find out who’s playing. There is no way to see every worthy band, so strategies need to be formulated. Do you pick the highlights and move from venue to venue or pick your favourite venue and see the bands that are playing there? Ultimately, as we have in the past, we’ll likely employ a hybrid model where we focus on the Queen W section from Spadina to Bathurst. From there it’s just a quick jog to cover our core clubs of Cherry Cola’s, the Bovine, the Hideout and the Horseshoe. Since it’s impossible to see everything you want to see, it’s important not to stress too much about the ones you can’t.

    Lastly, download the CMW app for your iPhone or Android smartphone to help with the full listings and addresses. With 60 venues, there are bound to be some that you’ll visit for the first time.

    T-MAK World CMW2013 Recommendations


    Time Band Venue
    9 pm Alex Bien Band  Central
    10 pm The In & Outs  Bovine
    Live How You Live  Underground Garage
    11 pm 20 Amp Soundchild  Cherry Colas
    Atlantis Blueprint  Underground Garage
    12 am The Bloody Five  Horseshoe
    Mad Anthony  Bovine
    Riding Shotgun  Cherry Colas
    1 am Eagleson  Underground Garage
    The Rabid Whole  Bovine
    Short of Able  Cherry Colas
    2 am Wildheart  Cherry Colas
    3 am London Swagger  Cherry Colas


    Time Band Venue
    tbd Monster Truck  Kool Haus
    Yukon Blonde  Danforth Music Hall
    Hey Brother  Hard Rock Bar
    8 pm The StandStills  Painted Lady
    The Lost Chord  Velvet Underground
    9 pm Incura  Painted Lady
    Savanah  Bovine
    Scott McCord & the Bonafide Truth  Velvet Underground
    Josy  Clinton’s Tavern
    10 pm Colin James  Lee’s Palace
    My Excuse  Hideout
    The Stogies  El Mo (Downstairs)
    Rain Over St. Ambrose  Cherry Colas
    Weekend Riot Club  Painted Lady
    11 pm The Damn Truth  Supermarket
    Hunter Valentine  Great Hall
    AyOH  Underground Garage
    Rulers of the Moon  Bovine
    Miesha and the Spanks  Painted Lady
    12 am One Bad Son  Underground Garage
    The Stanfields  El Mo (Downstairs)
    Stone River  Cadillac Lounge
    Voodoo Bunny Bovine
    1 am The StandStills  El Mo (Downstairs)
    The In & Outs  Cherry Colas
    Son of a 1000  Brooklynn
    Anna Rose  Underground Garage
    The Mercy Now  Bovine
    2 am Sorry Ok Yes  Rancho Relaxo
    Live How You Live  Cherry Colas


    Time Band Venue
    7 pm Simon Townshend  Massey Hall
    7:30 pm Gentlemen Spectres  Hard Rock Bar
    Your Favorite Enemies  Tranzac
    8 pm Heart  Massey Hall
    A Northern Drawl  Velvet Underground
    9 pm One Bad Son  Hideout
    Fur Eel  Cherry Colas
    Beginners Guide to Endings  Underground Garage
    The Breaks  Cadillac Lounge
    Mary Rose Obsession  Cherry Colas
    Future History  Rancho Relaxo
    9:30 pm Ravenscode  Hard Rock Bar
    9:45 pm Coheed and Cambria  Sound Academy
    10 pm Poor Young Things  Horseshoe
    The Balconies  Lee’s Palace
    Mad Ones  Great Hall
    Saint Alvia  Sneaky Dee’s
    In My Coma  Cherry Colas
    10:45 pm Secret  Rivoli
    11 pm Bend Sinister  Cherry Colas
    Grimskunk  Hideout
    Jojeto  Velvet Underground
    The Blue Stones  Rancho Relaxo
    Acres Of Lions  Dakota
    11:30 pm Secret  Rivoli
    12 am My Excuse  The Sister
    Teenage Kicks  Horseshoe
    Iamdynamite  El Mo (Downstairs)
    Wildlife  Great Hall
    1 am Lumberjunk  The Sister
    Savanah  Hideout
    Dangerband  Silver Dollar
    HellBros Underground Garage
    2 am The StandStills  Hideout
    The Stogies  Underground Garage


    Time Band Venue
    8 pm Last Bullet  Cherry Colas
    8:30 pm Acres Of Lions  Tranzac
    9 pm The Cheap Speakers  Cabin 5
    Fuss  Hideout
    9:30 pm Yukon Blonde  Kool Haus
    Angel At My Table  Tranzac
    Weekend Riot Club  Concierge Lounge (Marriott)
    The Meds  El Mo (Upstairs)
    10 pm Incura  Rivoli
    10: 40 pm Matt Mays  Kool Haus
    11 pm Heaven’s Basement  Cherry Colas
    Black Mastiff  Hideout
    Blackdog Ballroom  Hard Rock Bar
    Navy Skies  Rancho Relaxo
    Secret  Rivoli
    12 am Limblifter  Horseshoe
    TimeGiant   (acoustic) Shanghai Cowgirl
    The Dyadics  Painted Lady
    One Day Late  Underground Garage
    Strangers  Cherry Colas
    Secret  Rivoli
    1 am Jackson Firebird  Rivoli
    Rain Over St. Ambrose  Hideout
    Static In The Stars  Cherry Colas
    The Meds  Dakota
    Secret  Garrison
    1: 30 am Gloryhound  Horseshoe
    2 am Bend Sinister  Hideout
    The Roper Show  (blues) Underground Garage
    2:30 am The Damn Truth  Horseshoe


    Time Band Venue
    2 pm Jackson Firebird  Horseshoe
    3:20 pm Strangers  Horseshoe
    8 pm Project Mars  Hideout
    9 pm Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  Massey Hall
    A Primitive Evolution  Cherry Colas
    Kingdom of Few  Underground Garage
    Angel At My Table  Sneaky Dee’s
    9:20 pm No Sinner  Horseshoe
    10 pm Jackson Firebird  Hideout
    Go For The Eyes  Rancho Relaxo
    Manic Sheep  Painted Lady
    10:15 pm Acres Of Lions  Concierge Lounge (Marriott)
    10:30 pm Billie Dre & the Poor Boys  Rivoli
    11 pm Heaven’s Basement  Hideout
    TimeGiant  Underground Garage
    Six Side Die  Cherry Colas
    12 am Dance Laury Dance  Hideout
    The Dead Exs  Cherry Colas
    Mad June  The Garrison
    The Little Black Dress  Sneaky Dee’s
    12:45 am Gloryhound  Rivoli
    1 am Black Mastiff  Cherry Colas
    Chris Caddell and the Wreckage  Underground Garage
    Diemonds  Hideout
    James Cohen  C’est What?
    2 am Biblical  Cherry Colas
    Pat Wright  Underground Garage
    Strangers  Hideout
    Secret  Bovine
    3 am A Primitive Evolution  Hideout


    Time Band Venue
    9 pm In My Coma  Horseshoe
    10 pm Atom and The Volumes  Painted Lady
    11 pm Revolvers  Annex
    The Beauties  Dakota
    Static In The Stars  Horseshoe
    Download the entire list for easy printing here.

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