Canadian Music Week 2013 – Saturday March 23 Recap

Members of One Bad Son and Stone River partying with TimeGiant – Canadian Music Week 2013

March 24 2013 – Our final of five nights out on the streets of downtown Toronto for Canadian Music Week (CMW) 2013. While our strategy the first four nights was to run around various venues and maximize the amount of bands we saw (often with multiple crews), tonight was a different story. We unanimously decide we would set up camp at The Underground Garage and not leave at all. There were 6 bands playing and their bios sounded great. Naturally since our favorite indie band TimeGiant was playing we knew there was only one place we needed to be tonight.

T-Mak World strives to be THE main resource for rock at CMW 2013 and all our articles are centralized on this page. We offer a recommendation guide of over 100 worthy rock bands here as well as 15 bands that we feature in our “Must See Gigs” guide here. Our nightly recap articles started on Tuesday (article here), Wednesday (article here), Thursday (article here) and Friday (article here). Last but not least we have profiled the following artists playing CMW 2013 as part of our Emerging Artist Spotlight:
A Northern Drawl – Toronto, Canada – (Alternative, Psychedelic, Rock)
Bend Sinister – Vancouver, Canada – (Progressive, Rock, Pop)
The Bloody Five – Toronto, Canada – (Rock)
The Breaks – Toronto, Canada –  (Blues,Classic Rock,Country,Rock)
Dance Laury Dance – Quebec City, Canada –  (Hard Rock)
Go For The Eyes – Calgary,Canada –  (Alternative, Psychedelic, Rock)
Manic Sheep – Taipei, Taiwan – (Indie, Pop, Psychedelic, Rock)
My Excuse – Thessaloniki, Greece – (Alternative, Indie, Rock)
Riding Shotgun – Toronto, Canada – (Alternative, Rock)
Son of 1000 – Johannesburg, South Africa – (Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Blues, Funk, Indie, Rock, Soul)
Static In The Stars – Vancouver, Canada – (Pop, Rock)
On our quest to find some kick ass music we sent out multiple crews and ended up seeing a total of bands tonight shown below in order of appearance. We also have a video highlight clip that can be found at the bottom of the article.

Kingdom of Few 9 PM

Kingdom of Few at Canadian Music Week 2013

Kingdom of Few kicked off the night with enthusiasm usually reserved for a pack house. As the audience started to trickle in the bar during their set the intensity even increased more. They drove 32 hours from Calgary to play CMW and they did not let the opportunity go to waste. Wicked rock fueled by lead singer Curtis Butala really delivered an amazing set. This is a band to watch.

One Day Late 10 PM

One Day Late at Canadian Music Week 2013

These 5 big dudes from Edmonton delivered a heavy aggressive rock that bordered on Heavy Metal. The dual guitars spawned riff after riff of sweet rock sounds and the audience was loving it. An AC/DC cover seemed very appropriate for the band to lay out, and they even knocked that one out of the park. Great set.

TimeGiant 11 PM

TimeGiant at Canadian Music Week 2013

This band sucked…. Just kidding.  They are my personal favorite Toronto hard rock band and have been since the first time I saw them live at last year’s CMW. We have interviewed the band, and reviewed about a dozen of their gigs in fact they are all over T-Mak World as easily the most covered band on our site. Their crisp classic rock sound is a fusion of Zeppelin, Queen, Black Crowes and Triumph. Right now they are one of my four favorite rock bands of the last 15 years along with One Bad Son, Rival Sons and My Morning Jacket. The band was showcasing some of their newer songs tonight and were celebrating the release of their first video for the KILLER track called “I Am The Fire” which you should see right here. In a very wise move other bands should notice the value of the exclamation point of their set which was a blistering drum solo from Charlie McKittrick – this ensures the band stands out among the other 999 bands at CMW. I will stop raving about TimeGiant now as to not offend any other band, but there really is a reason why I was wearing my TimeGiant t-shirt at the gig. Much respect to my pals Charlie, Pat, Ryan and Tyrone.

Zoo Lion 12 AM

Zoo Lion at Canadian Music Week 2013

Third band of the night from Alberta, these guys from Calgary really delivered a solid set. Craig Aikman is a major league vocalist and really has the rock star voice and look that T-Mak World is all about. I loved the energy and raw hard hitting of the music and all four of the guys kicked serious ass. At this point of the night I knew that this was a solid lineup at the Underground Garage and was so happy we stayed there for the night. I would love to hear some of Zoo Lion’s recordings and will be asking the band to be featured on our Emerging Artist Spotlight in the near future.

Chris Caddell and The Wreckage 1 AM

Chris Caddell and The Wreckage Canadian Music Week 2013

Holy shit when I first heard Caddell start his show I thought it was the son of Stevie Ray Vaughn. An incredible musician and probably the best technical one of the night he delivered a hailstorm of raspy vocals and blistering riffs.  Caddell was on tour with Colin James the last few months but honestly I would probably prefer to pay to see a Caddell solo show – the man is that freakin good. The Underground Garage was hot and sticky at this point and Caddell drove them to the point of no return – the party was on in a big way.

Pat Wright 2 AM

Pat Wright at Canadian Music Week 2013

When you thought things couldn’t get more real rock n roll – Pat Wright kicks off his set with a blues/rock infused scorcher. The excellent guitarist delivered riff after riff of sweet sounding rock that had the capacity filled Underground Garage rocking. Wicked set! For the second year in a row our CMW coverage ends with Pat Wright at The Underground Garage which had a lineup still outside at 3 A.M.

There you have it folks tonight proved to be one of the strongest overall for real good rock at CMW. We leave you with a video montage of bands playing Canadian Music Week 2013 on Saturday night.

Verdict:  Like we always do we get all our editors out on the night to pick their GIG OF THE NIGHT (CMW SATURDAY MARCH 23) so here is what everyone picked as their best of T-Mak World (remember we are a rock focused blog and put preference to the rock bands – just personal taste).
Terry Makedon aka T-Mak (Editor in Chief): TimeGiant served notice on how a rock band needs to sound, act and look. I have been saying this for a year but I will say it again, my money is on TimeGiant to become Toronto’s next big thing in the hard rock hierarchy along with Triumph, Max Webster and Rush. They were already my Gig Of The Night 5 seconds into their set.
Steve Mallinson (Photographer and Senior Editor): Chris Caddell and The Wreckageblew my mind and they get my gig of the night.

Micheal Litt (Videographer and Music Contributor): My gig of the night goes to the full lineup tonight at The Underground Garage. There is no doubt that the bands in tonight’s roster were of the highest level so my gig of the night goes to all of Kingdom of Few – One Day Late – TimeGiant – Zoo Lion – Chris Caddell and The Wreckage – Pat Wright. Everyone was a winner tonight especially the patrons of CMW.
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