Canadian Music Week (CMW) 2013 – Final Event Recap

Canadian MusicFest 2013

5 days. 5 Daily Video Highlight Reels. 6 Movie Reviews. 12 Band Interviews. 29 articles. 60 bands reviewed. Can you beat that? Read on for our Best of CMW 2013.

March 25 2013 – Canadian Music Week (CMW) and in particular their Canadian Music Fest 2013 offered Toronto 6 days of glorious music. We had a wonderful ride and although our coverage focused almost strictly on rock music and movies we discovered some new excellent music during our journeys at CMW. Here is a recap of all our activities and our closing thoughts.

Chris Caddell at Canadian Music Week 2013
We started our coverage by asking our Senior Editor, Steve Mallinson, to weed through the hundreds of band bios and come up with a suggested list of bands to watch. Mix a bit of luck, randomness, and having Steve like the song the band had on their bio yielded our T-Mak World Recommended Gig Guide with a handy .pdf document of who to watch on each day and each time slot. Out of that article we also identified our 15 “must-see shows” of the festival which produced the T-Mak World Must See Gig Guide (aka the best of the best). We also got recommendations from Audio Blood Media on some of their rock clients and produced another Audio Blood recommendation guide.

Heaven’s Basement at Canadian Music Week 2013


When all was said and done we had seen a total of 60 bands/artists and broke down all of them on our daily recap articles, and each night also featured a video montage of most of the bands we saw.

Recap of Day 1 at Canadian Music Week – Tuesday March 19 2013 (12 bands) – Video recap here
Recap of Day 2 at Canadian Music Week – Wednesday March 20 2013 (15 bands)
 – Video recap here
Recap of Day 3 at Canadian Music Week – Thursday March 21 2013 (14 bands)
 – Video recap here
Recap of Day 4 at Canadian Music Week – Friday March 22 2013 (13 bands)
 – Video recap here
Recap of Day 5 at Canadian Music Week – Saturday March 23 2013 (6 bands)
 – Video recap here

One Bad Son at Canadian Music Week 2013

A couple of individual articles were presented for select artists:

Simon Townshend at Massey Hall Concert Review (opening for Heart)
One Bad Son and Heaven’s Basement at the 94.9 The Rock Invite Only Show

20 Amp Soundchild at Canadian Music  Week 2013

Why stop there though? We also reviewed 6 of the 8 feature films playing at CMW 2013 as follows:

Ain’t In It For My Health: A Film About Levon Helm
Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Tour Film
Bad Brains: A Band In DC
The History Of Future Folk
The Last Pogo Jumps Again
Who The F**k Is Arthur Fogel?

The Hideout – A Venue of Canadian Music Week 2013

We also interviewed 12 bands as part of our ongoing Emerging Artist Spotlight series. Here is the full list of our interviews:

A Northern Drawl – Toronto, Canada – (Alternative, Psychedelic, Rock)
Bend Sinister – Vancouver, Canada – (Progressive, Rock, Pop)
The Bloody Five – Toronto, Canada – (Rock)
The Breaks – Toronto, Canada –  (Blues,Classic Rock,Country,Rock)
Dance Laury Dance – Quebec City, Canada –  (Hard Rock)
Go For The Eyes – Calgary,Canada –  (Alternative, Psychedelic, Rock)
Manic Sheep – Taipei, Taiwan – (Indie, Pop, Psychedelic, Rock)
My Excuse – Thessaloniki, Greece – (Alternative, Indie, Rock)
Project Mars – Ottawa, Canada – (Alternative, Rock)
Riding Shotgun – Toronto, Canada – (Alternative, Rock)
Son of 1000 – Johannesburg, South Africa – (Adult Contemporary,Alternative,Blues,Funk,Indie,Rock,Soul)
Static In The Stars – Vancouver, Canada – (Pop, Rock)

All 12 of these bands rock and we strongly recommend them based on their music and/or live shows.

Stone River at Canadian Music Week 2013

All good things must come to an end so we reflect upon CMW 2013 and what memories CMW left for us to cling on to until next year. We closed our coverage with our 29th and final article (this final event recap).

Congratulations (in alphabetical order) to The Dyadics, Heaven’s BasementLast Bullet, One Bad Son, TimeGiant and Stone River who all gave major league Rock N Roll performances and are all co-winners of  the Best Of Canadian Music Week 2013.

Best of CMW 2013, whew…. almost done. Finally I personally want to thank Joanne Smale, Sarah Zajac and Jennyfer Sanchez from Planet3 Communications for enabling us to cover this amazing event, and we look forward to being Toronto’s one stop shop for Rock at CMW 2014. Those three ladies are world class PR managers and ensured all our requests were taken care of. You rock!
TimeGiant at Canadian Music Week 2013

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