360 Screenings Review – February 2013

360 Screenings February 2013 – Toronto

February 17 2013 – 360 Screenings is for people who want to take their love of cinema to the next level.  It’s about taking a movie that has become a cult classic, re-enacting select scenes with actors and props, and putting you in the center of it.  And the best part of a 360 Screenings happens before the movie even starts.
The secrecy surrounding a 360 Screenings definitely adds an element of excitement. When you buy your ticket, you only know the date of the show.  It’s only 24 hours before the screening that you actually find out the screening location, and directions on how to prepare for the evening.

360 Screenings February 2013 – Toronto

T-Mak World attended the last two events – Fight Club in August 2012 was reviewed here, and 28 Days Later was reviewed hereTonight we are asked to wear red, bring some discontinued pennies, an eco-friendly shopping bag, and a French dictionary.  Could the movie be Moulin Rouge?

360 Screenings February 2013 – Toronto

Every screening to date has been located in a Toronto heritage site that is easily accessible by public transit. Tonight’s setting was The Artscape Wychwood Barns. As soon as the doors open, you step inside the movie.  A wooden chair is in the corner with children’s books strewn along the floor alongside a bowl of dog food.  Across the hall, there is a pile of skipping stones, and a sign asking us to take one.  In the main hall, we see more actors and several unusual props set up throughout the room – a ladder with a set of binoculars directed at a sign written in French, a man watching a soccer match, and people sitting at picnic tables cutting out Valentines and pictures from a photo booth. These are all scenes from the movie Amelie.

360 Screenings February 2013 – Toronto

A big part of the 360 Screenings experience is being able to interact with the characters in the film. We venture upstairs where we find a French man, lamenting how he has been painting the same painting for the past 20 years. I suggest he paint faster. He smiles. He coughs, I ask if he smokes. He smiles again. Did I break his cover? In parting, he offers us a ginger cookie, which we politely accept and move on. Every scene is an opportunity to draw you into the movie. Actors will approach you strike up a conversation with you, making sure to keep on message with their role in the movie.  This is what makes a 360 Screenings truly unique.

360 Screenings February 2013 – Toronto

The list of sponsors is impressive and make for a superb night out. In the French market, delectable cheeses from Monforte Dairy can be sampled and purchased, perfect accompaniments to the baguettes from Ace bakery which are laid out for the taking. Tarts from Dufflet are offered to guests– big enough for two to share.

360 Screenings February 2013 – Toronto
Verdict: 4.5 out of 5. If you love movies, you must experience a 360 Screenings.  Don’t expect popcorn, plush seats, or a big screen surround sound experience.  It’s full on entertainment that starts as soon as you buy your movie ticket. And the best part happens before the movie even starts. 
Keep an eye out for their next screening in May.

360 Screenings February 2013 – Toronto

360 Screenings February 2013 – Toronto
360 Screenings February 2013 – Toronto


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