Tony Catania of the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience Interview

Jason Bonham and Tony Catania

Today we speak to Tony Catania who is currently on tour with Jason Bonham as part of the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience (JBLZE) tour. This tour is making a stop in Toronto’s Massey Hall next Thursday January 31st and also appears on our list of Toronto’s Must See Gigs of 2013! Tony is an incredibly talented guitarist, here is what he said to us.

T-Mak World: Tony thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. You are currently touring with Jason Bonham as part of the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience. (Which by the way is listed as one of our Toronto’s Must See Gigs of 2013 found here) How did you get that gig?

Tony:  Jason and I have played together before and when he decided to do JBLZE , he thought I was the man for the job.

T-Mak World: T-Mak World is very much a classic rock focused website, so with that in mind, what other projects have you worked on? Any solo records our readers might like to know about?

Tony: I’ve done a lot of things over the years, I have some of my solo music on iTunes and ( shameless plug ! ).  Working on new music as we speak…

T-Mak World: What’s it like being on stage embodying Jimmy Page? Do you lose yourself in the moment?

Tony: I never think of it in that way… I understand the feel of the music and try to fuse both my take on it, and what is expected .

Tony Catania
T-Mak World: What is the hardest song to play on the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience setlist?

Tony: Well, probably the ones where I switch from playing the acoustic guitar on a stand,  to the electric guitar strapped on, and back again to the acoustic.

T-Mak World: Have you ever played Toronto outside of the JBLZE gig?

Tony: Yes with The Jason Bonham Band…but its a blur. I’ve always had too much fun in Canada.

T-Mak World: Do you think there is anything wrong with the rock music coming out today from the indie scene? I weekly see amazingly talented kids rocking hard with all their soul to a room of 20 people and can’t understand why the general population has lost interest for rock in general.

Tony: Nothing’s changed…it was the same when I started out.  It’s all part of the life of any musician.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong  with indie music . It’s always good when  people are  making music. The media usually hypes any current trend no matter what it is.. but I’ve found people  love music they can get something from.  People still love a really great live rock show.

Tony Catania 
T-Mak World: We recently compiled our Top 10 Albums of 2012 which you can see here. What did we miss that stood out for you in 2012?

Tony: Tempest – Bob Dylan… his lyrics on this album are some of his best. Early Roman Kings  was one of my favs . It’s great to see  the mix of artists on your top ten list.

T-Mak World: Let me give you the standard desert island question with a twist. You can bring with you 2 records, 1 from Led Zeppelin and 1 from any other band. What do you bring with you.

Tony: Zep? desert island?… Physical Graffiti .  Because it’s a double album !  Eat A Peach- Allman Bros….because of Mountain Jam…..33 minutes of joy.  I would never get tired of either one of those records on a desert island. That’s a horrible question !!!

The Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience
T-Mak World: Toronto’s Massey Hall is almost sold out for next Thursdays show so we are encouraging people not to wait to buy tickets at the door as they will be disappointed. Massey Hall is a very historic venue in Toronto with incredible acoustics. What other venues stand out in your mind as a musician as having kick ass sound that lets your riffs shine?

Tony: That’s a hard one since we’ve played a lotta great venues.  Massey Hall sounds like it will be amazing!

T-Mak World:  Tony thanks a lot man, I hope you have a great tour, and Toronto stands out as the highlight stop of your tour. Any closing words for our readers?

Tony:  The crowds really make the vibe happen at the JBLZE shows , we all have a great time.  It’s an honor to be doing this with Jason . It means something . Looking forward to opening night !!

Tony’s website is found here so have a look and we leave you from a video from the last time they were in town.

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One Response to Tony Catania of the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience Interview

  1. Stephen Tiffney says:

    I saw this band the last time they came through Toronto, and they were awesome.. A show not to be missed!!

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