Exclusive Interview – Moe Rotondi of Destroyer Canada’s KISS Tribute

Destroyer – Canada’s KISS Tribute 

EXCLUSIVE CONTEST: We have 2 passes to give away – read below for details on entry. Contest closes January 18 2013.

December 4 2012 – Saturday January 19th promises to be a massive night of classic rock in Toronto. The Rockpile (located at 5555a Dundas Street West) is ground zero for a double bill unlike any other. The opening band is the insanely talented Ozone Baby featuring Phil Naro, Steve Major, Glen Nash and Enzo Lapadula that play an incredible Led Zeppelin Tribute. We saw these guys very recently and reviewed their show here – so a word to the wise do not miss the opener on the 19th! 
The headliner on the night though will be Destroyer – Canada’s Premiere KISS Tribute and we had the privilage of interviewing the “Gene” of the band, Moe Rotondi.  Read on below to get to know more about Moe and Destroyer!

T-Mak World: Moe, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to us. We take pride in being Toronto’s biggest classic rock website but unfortunately have not seen your KISS show yet. How would you describe a Destroyer show?
Moe: Our shows are a recreation of the vintage KISS stage show, including spot on costumes, authentic guitars, 10 foot KISS sign, and Marshall and Ampeg cabinets. We try to recreate the KISS stage show as close to perfection as possible.
T-Mak World: Any hints of what is on the setlist? Do you focus on a specific era of KISS or do you cover everything in their discography.
Moe: We do mostly the make-up era, including ‘Lick It Up’, which is not a make-up song. i.e. Some of the songs are Detroit Rock City, Deuce, Strutter, Love Gun, and so on.
T-Mak World: How long have you been playing KISS, and why KISS?
Moe: I started the band back in 1993, and almost twenty years later, with almost 1000 live performances, I never thought the band that I started in my friends’ basement twenty years ago would be as popular as it is today. I guess that’s what happens when you pour your heart and soul into a project, it could flourish. KISS has been my favourite band since I saw the front cover of the first KISS album, I was hooked.
Moe Rotondi of Destroyer

T-Mak World: What is the most challenging KISS song to play live and why?

Moe: 100.000 Years, Watchin’ You, those two are just great songs, and are probably a little more technical than the other ones, and it always gets a great crowd response.
T-Mak World: What is your favorite KISS lineup? The original with Peter Criss and Ace Frehley?
AK: Absolutely, the original lineup is always the best to me because of the original chemistry that all four of those guys had together.
T-Mak World: At the end of 2012 we released our picks for the Top 10 Rock Albums of 2012 (which you can see here). What did we miss out that you would have added?
Moe: Rush is great, they deserve number one, Slash is awesome too, but Nickelback is my favourite. I know ‘Here and Now’ came out in 2011, but that CD has like six or seven hits on it, once again proving this Canadian band ROCKS!!


T-Mak World: This is where we can agree to disagree because for me Nickelback is exactly what is wrong with the rock industry these days ;-) Gotta ask you the desert island question but this time you can bring with you 2 records. One KISS and one non. What 2 records would you have with you on that desert island?
Moe: The album ‘Destroyer’ for sure, and for non-KISS album, Nickelback’s ‘Here and Now’. I would be on the desert island jamming to ‘We Must Stand Together’.
T-Mak World: I always wondered who likes Nickelback (and why) but since you rock so hard we wont laugh at your pick (just teasing man). We have 2 guest list passes to give away for your show at Toronto’s Rockpile on Saturday January 19th. I would like you to give our readers a KISS trivia question. {To enter the contest please email us at tmakworld (at) gmail (dot) com, include DESTROYER ROCKS in the subject line and your name and answer to Moe’s trivia question in the main body }
Moe: Who helped Gene Simmons cowrite the song ‘War Machine’? Which appeared on ‘Creatures Of The Night’? Hint: He’s Canadian.
T-Mak World: Any closing words for our readers?
Moe: We’re gonna try to get Phil Naro from Ozone Baby to jam a couple of KISS songs with us that night, so stay tuned. We heard he toured with Peter Criss, so don’t miss this one. Come on out!!

Oh man that would be so amazing Moe, we have seen Phil countless times and would totally get a kick out of seeing him up on stage with Destroyer in full makeup. Thanks again for the time and we cant wait for the 19th to enjoy what you and your band will offer! PS. I hope to hear my favorite KISS song Beth that night (pretty please). We leave you with a video of Destroyer in action – enjoy.

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5 Responses to Exclusive Interview – Moe Rotondi of Destroyer Canada’s KISS Tribute

  1. You are going to LOVE these guys!! :) I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Moe, Steve, Tony & Mike back in 2008 here in Calgary when they were at the Calgary Stampede! Really great bunch of guys!! Miss them out here in the west ;)

    Had the privilege of seeing one of their authentic stage shows in the summer of 2009 when I went to Sarnia, Ontario to see them again :) Yup, that's right, I flew all the way across the country just to see these guys again! Another awesome show! You won't be disappointed ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seen them in Detroit Rock City and Lorraine OH, they are the Best nder Gene Paul Tom and Eric Kisses xooxoxox christine

  3. I love these guys!! I remember when Moe blew fire, AMAZING \m/ Some of the best times of my life have been at their shows, and I am only 25. Not many people my age like KISS.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Moe when I was 6 years old. Truly a very nice guy, genuine. They started in my basement, ate, dreamt, breathed rock n roll!! And never once was I mad at the for the bass and drum keeping me up all hours of the night ;)

    Hope you keep rockin for another 20 years!!!

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