Vote for PC Game Of The Year 2012 – Gamer Edition

December 12 2012 – What is the best PC game of 2012? Simple – it is the one that gamers vote as their favorite. I always hated “game of the year” articles that were written by editors or  self-appointed experts because they don’t necessarily reflect the people’s choice. What gave anyone the authority to decide what was the best game of the year? Realistically those articles should be called “My Opinion On Game of the Year”. To really find the game of the year, I wanted to have a  poll for gamers that will have a large sample size. This should undeniably put the “Best PC Game of 2012” question to bed.The other point of this article is to make sure you, the gamers are aware of the best games of the year (as voted by other gamers) so that you can try them out.
We selected our final 10 games through a write in survey from the gamers. It is interesting that the vast majority are sequels, and surely makes me wonder where the original games are? Here are the finalists:
Best PC Game of 2012 is:
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  1. Unknown says:

    Natural Selection 2?

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