Wrong – Movie Review

Wrong played Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2012

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It’s not very often you get an intersection with Sundance Film Festival and Toronto After Dark Film Festival but tonight was a night where that was possible. Wrong which had it’s world premiere in Utah for Sundance had its Toronto premiere tonight at TAD.
The premise of the movie is incredibly simple – Dolph Springer (Jack Plotnick) can’t find his dog one morning and goes on a quest to find it. The world in which Dolph lives in is not so simple but more reminiscent of ecstasy laced acid trip. Forget trying to make sense of the world this movie is set in and just enjoy the ride.
The movie begins with a fireman taking a dump on the street while a van beside him is buring. As the alarm goes off bright and early at 7:60am, we clue in on the oddities of this world – the mail has no address written on it just a stamp.  In the mail is also a flyer for Jesus Organic Pizza which Dolph calls just to help get his mind off the fact that he can’t find his dog. While on the phone with the pizza delivery girl he gets into details about the pizza delivery method, and the company’s logo. You know – the usual stuff you talk about on the phone when ordering a pizza. Dolph goes to his job where the sprinkler system is constantly running and soaking everone and everything in the office. Oh ya this is the job by the way in which he was fired from 3 months ago.

Upon returning home he finds a bouquet of flowers with a note saying “about your dog – call me” and a pizza delivery man dropping off a complimentary pizza (which had a note from the pizza phone girl offering up a shag). When Dolph goes to meet the person that stole his dog we find out it is Master Chang (who of course is not asian). Master Chang is the author of “My Life, My Dog, My Strength” (parts 1 and 2). Turns out Master Chang runs a company that kidnaps pets in order to prevent potential future animal abuse. Arrghhh – why am I even trying to recap the storyline? Forget it. Everything is just wrong in this world (as it relates to our rules of physics and existence).

Wrong played Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2012
Verdict: 4 out of 5. Bizzaro world is the setting for a very funny movie. Some of the dialogue (particularly between Dolph and the Detective) is as good as any of the classic Tarantino lines. The bright and sunny world in which the movie is set is a great contrast to the insanity. A uniquely absurd comedy starring a loveable loser.
Toronto After Dark Film Festival runs from October 18 – October 26 2012.  Do NOT miss it! Info and tickets here. Check out T-Mak World‘s full Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TAD) coverage here.

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