Indie On Indie October 2012: Jet by Last Bullet and White Window by TimeGiant

Brenden Armstrong of Last Bullet and Ryan Watson of TimeGiant
Oct 22 201T-Mak World presents Indie On Indie where we match up two musicians of different bands and give them the task to review one of the other band’s songs. In this ongoing series we will match up bands with similar styles of music, as well as bands on opposite sides of the musical spectrum. Kick back, listen to each tune and read what the other band has to say about it. If you have a suggestion for a cool match up email us here.
  • Artist 1 – Brenden Armstrong is the lead guitarist of Toronto’s hard rock powerhouse Last Bullet. The song he picked for Artist 2 to review is Jet.
  • Artist 2 – Ryan Watson is the rhythm guitarist of Toronto’s classic rock juggernaut TimeGiant. The song he picked for Artist 1 to review White Window.

Brenden Armstrong –  Lead Guitarist of Last Bullet shares his thoughts on TimeGiant’s White Window

White Window by TimeGiant

Considering what I have heard from TimeGiant in the past, I didn’t expect to hear such a heavy, almost sludgy, guitar that rips the track’s main riff at the get go. I felt a little Tony Iommi/Kim Thayil thing happening. Rocking out through the verses was a natural reaction with Tyrone’s (Buccione – lead vocalist of TimeGiant) vocals soaring over the hard hitting drum lines. Then you’re hit with a nice variation of the main riff alongside some mint guitar harmonies in the verse breaks; very tasteful in my opinion. This leads into the chorus of the song which offers the listener an exciting lift with the elevating vocal melody and harmony behind big ripping guitars that mark these sections of the song very memorable.

The instrumentals, more specifically the guitars, had a bit of a Stone Temple Pilots feel to me here, with the vocals or maybe vocal effects/harmonies giving it an 80’s prog vibe; very cool/original blend. Moving on to the guitar solo, which was right up my alley, it reeked of blues and attitude. It then seamlessly moved into a mellower vibe before cranking into the huge, vocal soaked, outro chorus; definitely a nice touch. But what caught my attention the most, very surprisingly, was how cool the track ended; I love that cymbal decay and whispering “ha” thing or whatever that was! A song can’t rank high in my books if it doesn’t exit as badass as it enters and this tune definitely accomplishes that. White Window is a hard rocking tune from a hard rocking band and it’s great to see another group doing what Last Bullet is trying to do… and that’s resurrecting the state of Rock n Roll! Rock on Time Giant \m/  –  Brenden Armstrong

Ryan Watson –  Rhythm Guitarist of TimeGiant shares his thoughts on Last Bullet’s Jet

Jet by LastBulletMusic
Jet from Toronto’s hard rock band Last Bullet is exactly the tune that I should have lost my virginity to. It’s an ego-stroking thrill ride that takes you on a trip to Hollywood and Vine, and then drops you off in the back of a van outside the Horseshoe Tavern. Jet kicks off with pounding anthem style drums, as feedback from a Gibson Les Paul squeals in the background.The track instantly reminded me of late 80’s Guns n’ Roses or more recently Velvet Revolver (I was not surprised to later discover a video of Last Bullet covering “Slither”)

Last Bullet

The bands tongue-in-cheek lyrics leave you grinning with a mischievous smirk with lines including, “I’m gonna tap that, mile high, violate you in the sky. No jeans, mini-skirt, show you how my throttle works”. Last Bullet is an obvious Jack Daniels drinking, hard rock quintet singing about the glorified life of rock n’ roll overindulgence. The harmonized guitar work throughout the track is incendiary to a guitar player’s ear, and the ending solo shows the obvious talent of an accomplished musician. Last Bullet is a band making waves in the Toronto scene, and with explosive 3-minute tracks like Jet, you can expect to see them taking over on a much larger scale. – Ryan Watson

Verdict: Thanks Brenden and Ryan – we love both your bands. If we had one rock wish it would be to see Last Bullet and TimeGiant on the same bill (ummm.… ok well maybe the wish right after a Led Zeppelin reunion).
Last Bullet | Website | Twitter | Facebook
TimeGiant | Website | Twitter | Facebook

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