Indie Music Week – Toronto Saturday October 13 2012

TimeGiant at Indie Music Week Saturday October 13 2012

Oct 21 2012 – While Indie Week Canada may be late in the year, it has many top local and not so local bands that define the indie scene.  While many prefer to take a second mortgage to see U2 from the balcony of Rogers center, seeing a number of bands in a cozy intimate setting for a low price is hard to beat.  Like other music festivals, Indie week offers a full slate of music with the potential for a pub crawl even at this time of year. Toronto is blessed with 3 such music festivals: Canadian Music Week (read our recap here), NXNE (read our recap here) and Indie Week.
Indie Week Canada runs for 5 nights (Oct 10-14) at 19 venues in Toronto and features music industry and digital media panels and most importantly live music.  The event has been around for 8 years and offers the balance of a festival with a contest.  The winner headlines Indie Week Ireland, the other location for the Indie Week festival.  As expected the Winner of Indie Week Ireland wins a trip to Canada and T-Mak World did catch the winner of the past 2 winners from Indie Week Ireland at this year’s festival in Toronto.
The 2012 event included over 175 bands and we were able to take in the shows of a number of bands that well represented the variety in the indie scene today.  Our coverage started with Breached at Bovine on Thursday and ended with Altimira on Sunday at Rivoli and include a whole bunch a great bands in between.
On Saturday, T-Mak World spent the evening at Rivoli enjoying some of the bands managed by Coalition Music.
TimeGiant came to Rivoli with a mission to hit the target and rock the house.  They hit the bulls-eyes again.  TimeGiant is one of the few indie bands that rocks it the way the monsters of rock did in the 70s and has the stage presence to match. They put on a loud intense show with the multi-talented lead Tyrone Buccione playing guitar, saxophone and covering all the vocals running around like Ozzy or the gents from The Who.  His bandmates also feed that intensity that subsequently feeds the crowd. Drummer Charlie McKittrick hammers the drums with the same passion as the man’s symbols he has tattooed on his shoulder – John Henry Bonham. Bassist Pat Wilken and Guitarist Ryan Watson are long haired rhythm machines that are a delight to watch live as they get intense in their music. Their set tonight consisted of:

  • I Am the Fire
  • Blind
  • Farcaster
  • Hard Lovin’ Woman
  • White Window
  • Been Here Before
TimeGiant at Indie Music Week Saturday October 13 2012

TimeGiant at Indie Music Week Saturday October 13 2012
TimeGiant at Indie Music Week Saturday October 13 2012

Modified are a local rock/metal band that will easily draw comparisons to Evanescence with Tricia Stanley’s vocals and the hard sounds from the band.  Their set included songs from their self-titled album including a cover of Kate Bush’s Running up that Hill that had the audience dancing to the vibe including our own John Dash. The mix of hard songs as well as the softer more melodic songs had fans of hard metal such as Metallica or Evanescence and 80s radio friendly rock going away happy from their set.
Modified at Indie Music Week Saturday October 13 2012

Altamira ended Indie week for TMAKworld.  Altamira describes their show as like experiencing a panic attack, losing vision and stumbling around for house only to realize you have been with us the whole time. That could be cause it exactly dead on description of the band and it has been 3 days of Indie week. Lead singer Zachary John Louis Gideon was channeling Jim Morrison as the band accompanied him on the wild ride full of sweet and at the same time eerie music.
Altamira at Indie Music Week Saturday October 13 2012

Altamira at Indie Music Week Saturday October 13 2012

T-Mak World winners for Indie week

The patron of Indie week.

There were a lot of winners at this event (see Indie Week site for list of winners according to the organization), but a music festival just before the dull days of winter means anyone who attended was the clear winner. Indie week offers a great way to extend the summer music festival season.

Musically the highlights and mentions for “gig of the fest” for me at Indie week were TimeGiant rocking the house with 70’s style monster rock and Mad June with 70s style punk/rock mix.  Both bands play homage to that decade but done in a modern cycle.  It is always good to see bands inspired by that decade’s generation of music.  There are far too few bands focused on this music that Canadians have excelled in.  Rush, Triumph, Neil Young, Aldo Nova and so on and others have some company.  With Roger Waters dominating the big circuit with 1979’s The Wall,and Rush touring the world with a new album that harkens back to 70’s it could these bands are a sign of things to come with a surge of 70s influenced music.  Bring it on!!

In addition, Sex with Strangers who were the most surprising and eclectic band I saw at Indie Week and like many bands from the West coast put on a unique show. The Stanfields who continue the tradition of great east coast rock coming out of Halifax rounded the highlights showing the best of indie week comes from coast to coast with the most addictive song of indie week.

One wonders what one will find next.  Continue to come back to T-Mak World to stay current with what’s new and refreshing on the Toronto music scene or better yet, come out to one of Toronto’s great local establishments and see for yourself!!

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