Crave – Movie Review

Crave played at Toronto After Dark 2012

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Cavernous echoes of confusion, self doubt, and self adulation collide in the subconscious of Aiden (Josh Lawson) as he eeks out an existence wishing he could right the wrongs of societies ills. And this dilemma is at the crux of the psychological thriller that is CRAVE.

Crave played at Toronto After Dark 2012

Hard scrabble Detroit is the canvas that Aiden, a freelance crime scene photographer inhabits.  Enter jaded detective played by the Cro-magnan looking Ron Perlmanand the sense of futility within the policing system comes full circle.   Years of visual carnage have hasten Aiden’s descent as his what if voice starts to reinvent alternate realities to the present day madness. Genius threads of levity pepper the story line when an advice giving Bill Gates trumpets financial rewards for each heroic feats during his altered states. These were priceless.

Crave played at Toronto After Dark 2012

The one beacon of hope in his otherwise miserable existence is Virginia (Emma Lung). Literally, the girl next door Virginia fills Aiden world with a quiet sense of purpose and hope for something better to abates his coming storms.  CRAVE is a genre film that fights against stereotypes, and the quirky final act guarantees to bemuse, bewilder and confuse all who watch. 

Verdict: 3 out of 5. CRAVE offers a visual bounty but still doesn’t satisfy all your cravings.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival runs from October 18 – October 26 2012.  Do NOT miss it! Info and tickets here. Check out T-Mak World‘s full Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TAD) coverage here.

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