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The story begins on an inky black rural road where Freddy and Ana are passengers on a bus. Freddy, looking for any excuse to chat up the very pretty Ana, finds that she’s a nurse and is not only from the same small town, but a few houses down the same street. Sounds of off-screen screeching tires punctuate the scene.

When Ana wakes, the bright sunlight raises her concern that she’s very late for work. Her fears are confirmed with a check of a clock. Cut to Ana arriving at an empty hospital. She soon discovers the there is no one in the entire town. Later she remembers Freddy and goes to find him. Sure enough, he’s at home listening to music at deafening levels because he can’t take the silence of the deserted town. Together they decide to get out of the creepy town. On their way out of town, they come to a foreboding black wall of fog. Deciding discretion is the better part of valour, they turn around and take another road out of town, only to come across the same black mist wall. 

Flashback dream sequences of past events give them clues to what’s going on. Eventually they realize that the fog is closing in and will soon reach the center of town. Their only hope is to face their fears and pass through fog while avoiding a a frightening unseen, at first, creature. This movie will win awards for surround sound engineering. The chilling roar of the of the creature is hair-raising and will feel like it’s right behind your shoulder.

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5Director Ryan Smith creates an dark eerie atmosphere that keeps the audience on edge and a story that will keep them interested.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival runs from October 18 – October 26 2012.  Do NOT miss it! Info and tickets here. Check out T-Mak World‘s full Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TAD) coverage here.

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