360 Screenings – Interactive Film Review – The Fight Club

360 Screenings – Aug 2012
August 19 2012 – As you step into the historical confines of theDistillery District’s cavernous and historic Fermenting Cellar your film experiences begin. Yes film, because with 360 Screenings www.360screenings.com,  you don’t just watch the film, you live it.  Senses are heightened as you walk, sit, read, touch, listen, respond and even eat your way through a myriad of clues based on the film.  Two rough and tumble pugilists square off in a concrete ring, IKEA magazines and banners hanging throughout the cellar, a support group in session for people with terminal illnesses, and a segregated bio hazard area are just some of the clues that help fired your neurons as you confer with friends on the meaning of it all.  As performers chant the name Tyler Durden to a crescendo, they begin to lead the masses into the screening room where the movie The Fight Club is revealed. The celluloid version further reinforces the live action scenes you have just witnessed. 
360 Screenings – Aug 2012

Sure most people have seen The Fight Club by now butnever like this. 360 Screenings is the new thinking man’s film experience. Anyone can pour themselves into a theatre seat and get spoon fed another random cinematic offering, but few get an opportunity to immerse oneself in the film before the screening and that is 360’s charm.

360 Screenings – Aug 2012

Artistic Producer and Co-Founder Ned Loachhas definitely tapped into a new, creative genre and his second sold out installment is proof that 360 Screenings will ensure Toronto enjoys the fruits of Loach’s labour for years to come. Toronto’s art scenesters and die hard cinefiles hungry for the next big thing have finally found their nirvana which can only grow as word of mouth and tweets on the screenings multiply exponentially.

360 Screenings – Aug 2012

Verdict: 4.5 / 5  – 360 Screenings has created a contemporary sensory experience that establishes new rules on the landscape of traditional cinema.  A must see, feel, touch, hear, read and experience. The next screening is in October 2012 – check out www.360screenings.com for more info.

360 Screenings – Aug 2012
360 Screenings – Aug 2012

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