3D by D Drive CD Review

3D by D Drive
July 2 2012 – First thing you will notice on this CD is the slightly offset looking cover but you quickly realize as you open the package why it is called 3D. Inside is a pair of anaglyph (red and blue) paper glasses that once worn will transform the CD cover, the liner notes and the included poster into 3D images. Cool packaging aside this 11 song offering from D Drive kicks off with Next Train a throwback to rock from the 80’s (referred to as hair rock because of the over the top hair the rockers of that era would sport). Along with Don Mancuso’s fast and furious guitar playing the strong point of Next Train is Phil Naro’s unique voice. Like the greats of the 80’s metal scene (think Bret Michaels of Poison, Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue  or Sebastian Bach of Skid Row) Naro’s vocals are forceful, full of range, and in a sense the perfect rock voice. We were impressed blown away with Naro’s rendition of both Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury during his Classic Albums Live shows (reviewed here and here respectively). Dig Down the second song continues with a similar and effective formula – powerful vocals, screeching guitar solos, and a booming back end of bass and drums. This album could have been easily made in 1987 and the sound is undeniably a throwback to that era including power ballads such as Never Had a Chance. Standout track 1 to 7 Rock-N-Roll Heaven is a sped up scorcher that was surely recorded using V shaped guitars. Part Bon Scott era AC/DC part Thin Lizzy, if this tune doesn’t get you nodding your head in synch to the beat then something is wrong with you.
Verdict: 4 out of 5. Great fun album that doesn’t try to be something its not. 3D is a throwback to 80’s rock and roll but yet does not sound dated. Naro’s vocals and lots of good guitar solos by Mancuso make this CD a fine choice and a perfect accompaniment to a summer BBQ and a bucket of ice cold beer.
D Drive

D Drive is:

Phil Naro –  Vocals & Guitar
Don Mancuso –  Guitars Bass & Backing Vocals
John Taylor –  Bass & Backing Vocals
Mike Gladstone – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Bobby Bond – Drums & Percussion  
Track listing for the 3D album is:
Next Train
Dig Down
Kiss The Ground
Chains on You
Never Had a Chance
Last To Fall
Down Deep
Always Done What I Want
1 To 7 Rock-N-Roll Heaven
Welcome To My World

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