Platinum Blonde – NXNE 2012 Concert Review

Platinum Blonde at NXNE 2012
Platinum Blonde are no longer standing in the dark and play NXNE to launch their new CD.

June 18 2012 – Returning from hiatus is never easy. For musicians its a veritable minefield of changing genres, evolving distribution channels, and the ever present annoyances from the label. So it would come as some surprise that the 80’s glam-rock band Platinum Blonde would be dropping a new CD in such non-ebullient times. And maybe it is because of this current musical maelstrom that this maybe to perfect time to re-establish.

Platinum Blonde at NXNE 2012
The MOD Club was ground zero for the long awaited Platinum Blonde 2.0. But before this could happen, a special announcement was made by Kim Clarke-Champniss on the rigging tragedy that befell the Radiohead concert earlier in the day. This solemn remembrance gave way to the new rejuvenated Platinum Blonde as founder and front man Mark Holmes molded his tactile devotees through a journey of unreleased material that didn’t disappoint
Platinum Blonde at NXNE 2012
A little older, a lot wiser and brimming with new tracks that have the potential to conquer that behemoth market south of the 49th. The 40 something crowd escalated to euphoria when the 80’s glam standards that many have coursing through our DNA emerged. Standing In The Dark, Doesn’t Really Matter and Not In Love offered carnal bliss of the highest order. Sergio Galli and Mark Holmes have rolled the ebbs and flows of the music industry since 1983. With the addition of bassist Rob Laidlaw and drummer Dan Todd (of Honeymoon Suite fame), the Blondes are once again inventing the musical landscape that other will follow. 
Platinum Blonde at NXNE 2012
We leave you with 2 YouTube videos: Platinum Blondes’ new single Beautiful and their old dancefloor classic Standing In The Dark. You can also see Crying Over You, It Doesn’t Really Matter, Not In Love,  and Valentine.

Review: John Dash | Photos: Michael Litt

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