Canadian Music Week – March 24 Concert Recap

Paul Rodgers and Ewan Currie of The Sheepdogs at The Indies 2012
March 24 2012Canadian Music Fest (CMF) (as part of Canadian Music Week) continued last night. Canadian Music Week features four branches  (Conferences, Film Festival, Comedy Festival, and Music Fest) and brings over 900 artists to Toronto for this their 30th year.

Our coverage of CMF began with Emerging Artist Spotlight articles on TimeGiant, Grain, Breaching Vista , Beta, In My Coma, One Bad Son, and Matt Groopie and The Bandits and we strongly endorse those bands. There are simply way too many other bands to see so a bit of research is needed to make sure you see the bands that suit your taste. We published a handy guide of our picks here in a simple to use .pdf document that can be printed and carried along as you bar hop. Finally in case you missed it we have a recap of the the previous nights:  March 21 2012 here, March 22 2012 here, and March 23 2012 here.

On March 24th we saw another 10 bands (bring our final tally for Canadian Music Week to 34) and here is a quick recap! 
Pavlo at The Indies 2012
The Pack A.D. at The Indies 2012
Young Empires at The Indies 2012

The majority of the night was spent in The Royal York Hotel watching The Indies Awards 2012. We won’t talk about it much here because we dedicate a whole article to it that we recommend you have a look at here for a full recap and a list of winners. At The Indies we saw: Pavlo, The Pack A.D., Young Empires, Treble Charger, Dan Mangan and The Sheepdogs (with Paul Rodgers).

The Sheepdogs at The Indies 2012
Dan Mangan
Treble Charger at The Indies 2012

Last Year’s Men
Last Year’s Men at The Silver Dollar was our first stop after The Indies. These dudes are from North Carolina and played a pop-punk set wearing a wig, a ski mask and a pimp jacket. Not exactly our style of music so we moved on. The band is on Twitter here.
Bad Party
Next was Bad Party at The Comfort Zone, I wont say much other than they should just be called bad. A duo with lots of shrieking instead of singing and bad distorted drum and bass filling out the sound. Not our style of music (or random noise) yet again so off we went. The band is on Facebook here.
GTA Rollergirls
We went to the El Mocambo to see what was playing, but there was no CMW bands there, just a roller derby team party. Brittaney, Andrea and Kelly from the GTA Rollergirls posed for us and off we went to the next venue.
Eldorado at Cherry Cola’s Rock n’ Rolla was next and we really liked what we heard from this Spanish band. The lead singer sounded and acted like Eddie Vedder and even looked a bit like him. Very solid hard rock set including a cover of Helter Skelter in a very packed venue. Great gig guys! The band is on Twitter here.
Pat Wright Band
We decided to call it a night with one last beer and we decided to check out The Underground Garage where the Pat Wright Band was playing. There was a lineup to get in and one could hardly move in the venue (probably people wanting to take advantage of the 4 a.m. last call in Toronto. The band had a good loud rowdy sound and the guitar riffs were mind blowing. The band gave us one last dose of energy and we caught most of their set. The band is on Facebook here.
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