Canadian Music Week 2012 – Final Event Review

Paul Rodgers and The Sheepdogs at Canadian Music Week 2012

March 28 2012 – Canadian Music Week for 2012 came to an end on Sunday March 25. We had a wonderful ride and although we didn’t partake in any of the films, comedy shows, or workshops we discovered some new excellent music as part of Canada Music Fest. Here is a recap of all our activities and our closing thoughts.

We started our coverage by asking our Senior Editor, Steve, to weed through the hundred of band bios and come up with a suggested list of bands to watch. Mix a bit of luck, randomness, and having the word “Led Zeppelin” in your bio yielded our T-MAK World  preview article with a handy .pdf document of who to watch on each day.

Beta at Canadian Music Week
When all was said and done we had seen a total of 34 bands/artists and broke down all of them on our daily recap articles:



The Sheepdogs at Canadian Music Week 2012 – Winners of Best Rock Band at The Indies

We also interviewed 10 bands as part of our Emerging Artist Spotlight series. The only requirement is that they were playing at Canada Music Fest and they fit into our musical tastes. Here is who we talked to:

Beta from Puebla, Mexico (Alternative,Grunge,Rock)
Breaching Vista from Kitchener, Ontario (Alternative,Pop,Rock)
Floor Thirteen from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Alternative,Rock)
Grain from Edmonton, Alberta (Blues,Classic Rock,Rock)
In My Coma from Toronto, Ontario (Alternative,Progressive,Rock )
Last Bullet from Toronto, Ontario (Classic Rock,Rock)
Matt Groopie and The Bandits  from Thornhill, Ontario (Blues, Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock )
One Bad Son from Vancouver, B.C.  (Rock)
Louder Than Love from Vancouver, B.C.  (Rock)
TimeGiant from Toronto, Ontario (Rock)

All 10 of these bands rock and we strongly recommend them based on their music and/or live shows.

Floor Thirteen at Canadian Music Week 2012

All good things must come to an end so we reflect upon Canada Music Fest 2012 and what memories Canadian Music Week left us to cling on to until next year.

Terry (editor in chief) – We saw 34 bands (and one rock legend)  in 4 days – what more can a music lover want (aside from a Pink Floyd reunion tour). The most memorable moment for me was seeing Paul Rodgers with The Sheepdogs at The Indies awards which will go down in classic rock history.

Aside from that what stood out was amazing live performances by TimeGiant (my new favorite unsigned rock band), RIZE (insane Japanese band fusing metal and rap) and In My Coma (they win the award for loudest band at CMF). There were simply way too many other highlights so I will leave it at that. We produced 17 articles of the event that we hope you enjoyed and I personally want to thank Jen and Terra from Planet3 Communications for enabling us to cover this amazing event, and I look forward to 2013.
In My Coma at Canadian Music Week 2012
Steve (senior editor) We didn’t just see a few or even a dozen, we saw about 30 bands. It was hectic but well worth all the effort. My top three bands of Canadian Music Week were:
  • TimeGiant – The guys put on a great show with great songs and interacted well with the very enthusiastic crowd. The band has a lot of fun themselves while performing and that makes for a lively show. I hadn’t heard of them before Terry’s interview with them but I think everyone will hear about them soon.
  • One Bad Son – These guys are pros through and through. Great music, biggest disappointment was getting there late and not seeing more of their show.
  • Would be a tie between Eldorado from Spain and Chains of Love. Both had insane manic drummers (especially Chains of Love) and while Chains of Love isn’t exactly my taste in music, Nathalia Pizzaro has an incredible voice and her vibrato control reminded me of Grace Slick (the highest compliment I can give). And she’s undoubtedly a future Bond girl.
The highlight, no surprise, was seeing The Sheepdogs with Paul Rodgers at The Indies. Was always a big fan of Bad Company and I was very surprised to learn that Rodgers now holds Canadian citizenship. How cool is that? The Slacker Canadian Music Fest was a great opportunity to see some great bands from out of town, out of province and even out of the country. We had the chance to see bands from the US, Mexico, Spain, Singapore and Japan but our favourites were Canadian and that came as no surprise to me. Canadians make the best music.
TimeGiant at Canadian Music Week 2012

VERDICT: Canadian Music Week and Canada Music Fest 2013 – BE THERE

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