• AMD Game Event in London, England

    London, England is the home of the AMD PC Gaming Event on February 25 2012
    Feb 25 2012 – Today we were in London for a PC gaming event formally named the AMD Heaven GamExperience (Note this was not produced by the same team that put on the AMD HardOCP GamExperience in Dallas last month). This event was hosted by Heaven Media and featured 8 co-sponsors (Sapphire, XFX, Asus, Steel Series, Gigabyte, OCZ, Antec and Buffalo). Over 700 gamers came through the doors that day to check out play some PC games, check out what the vendors had on display, and enter fun competitions throughout the day to win some prizes. I wont provide much editorial as I was up on stage a large part of the day so my viewpoint was slightly different than most other attendees. Here are some pictures I was able to take when I had a bit of time for picture taking!
    The AMD Game Event was held in a place called The Brewery
    Which was in fact a Brewery since 1750
    The calm before the storm at The Brewery
    I hope that door doesn’t open from the inside.
    The setup has not begun quite yet
    The stage at the AMD Heaven GamExperience
    The line up was huge before the doors even opened
    Double Decker London bus drops off even more gamers

    See the first dude?  He was there at 5 am (doors opened at noon)
    What gaming show wouldn’t have a proper doorman!

    Once through the doors….

    Let’s throw some Liquid Nitrogen onto a CPU…

    overclock that CPU while the Liquid Nitrogen is bubbling…

    7.5 GHz for the AMD FX-8150

    Gamers flock the stage

    View from the stage
    Good Bye London – you were great!
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    2 Responses to AMD Game Event in London, England

    1. Anonymous says:

      Norway next? :)

    2. Falcon says:

      Never been to London, but “The Brewery” looks like an awesome location for this (or just any) event!

      Any plans for further game events in other countries!?

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