Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TAD) 2011 Wrap-up

Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TAD) 2011

Oct 29 2011 – The 6th edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival ran from October 20-27 2011. In all 18 movies were shown including 3 prestigious world premieres. This year the festival was held at The Toronto Underground Cinema on Spadina Avenue. Before we wrap up this year’s coverage we thought we would serve up one last article recapping both the festival itself as well as the movies we saw.

Door to the washroom of The Underground Cinema host of Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Festival recap: This is the first year we have attended the festival but it will not be the last. This festival is extremely well run and we have nothing but praise about it. Each film is preceded by a short genre film and that really adds value to the experience. Tickets are very reasonably priced and are comparable to what one would pay at the regular cinema. The food stand served excellent popcorn and unlike the big cinemas you don’t feel gouged after you buy it – prices were super reasonable. We were notified that out of the 18 movies shown, 15 of them had question and answer (Q&A) sessions with a director, writer or even cast members after the screening. The value of having an interactive Q&A is huge and a rare privilege for movie patrons to share dialogue with the artists behind the films. As mentioned before 3 movies had their world premiere here (War of The Dead, VS, and Father’s Day) and we are certain that next year that number will be higher. Attendance at the screenings were very high and the theater always felt like it was at capacity (or close to it)

Door to the washroom of The Underground Cinema host of Toronto After Dark Film Festival as seen through the mirror

Movie recap: We were fortunate to see 6 movies in title and the overall quality of the programming far exceeded expectations. To be honest we went in this festival half-expecting the movies to suck and would have been happy simply to find one or two gems. That was not the case, not only did we find gems but we firmly can state that none of the movies sucked. In order of our rating the 6 movies we saw (with links to our review) were:

  • Deadheads (9/10) A funny road trip movie featuring two zombie buddies.
  • A Lonely Place to Die (8/10) Part The Descent, part The Bourne Identity.
  • Manborg (8/10) Hilarious Robot Chicken type of film featuring a half man/half cyborg.
  • The Innkeepers (7/10) Ghost story in a haunted hotel.
  • War Of The Dead (7/10) Zombies in World War 2 Nazi bunkers (Castle Wolfenstein anyone?)
  • VS (6/10) Four superheroes without powers have to save a town and themselves.

Verdict: Film makers put this one on your radar and bring your premieres here! Distributors please attend and show the rest of the world these gems. Movie fans – Be here next year. (Note to self – attend ALL the movies next year). Overall the festival experience at TAD is absolutely mind-blowingly awesome.

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One Response to Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TAD) 2011 Wrap-up

  1. Christian says:

    This makes me very happy in reading your festival recap. Thank you for your insights and overall impressions of this year's TAD.

    See you next year.

    Christian Burgess
    TAD Programmer and Communications Manager

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