A Lonely Place To Die – Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Oct 22 2011- Tonight at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival we attended the screening of the action thriller A Lonely Place To Die. This movie comes from us from British director Julian Gilbey and was written by Julian and his brother Will and stars Melissa George , Ed Speleers and Eamonn Walker .

The movie is about a group of friends out in the Scottish mountains that are out on a rock climbing trip. The scenery in the beginning of the film is breathtaking with sweeping camera shots of the mountain ranges in crisp vivid colors. Within minutes of the film we see a near fatal rock climbing accident that sets the tone for the edge of the seat action that ensues.  The 5 friends stumble upon a kidnapped young girl buried in an underground box with a breathing tube. When they decide to rescue her the action gets extremely suspenseful because 2 mean dudes with rifles want the girl back. Without giving too much away there are allot of close calls but the group of 5 starts getting pinged off one by one.

The Bad Dudes
Melissa George in A Lonely Place To Die

As the survivors escape the mountain terrain and into a small Scottish village the movie takes a turn in scenery and action. If the first part felt like The Descent, the second part felt like Bourne Identity. The later part of the movie in the village is a typical full-on pursuit of our protagonists by the bloodthirsty killers who want that little kidnapped girl back. Oh, it also just so happens that a Mardi Gras type festival that includes topless women, fire twirlers and fireworks is occurring at the same time as our heroes are eluding the killers. The first half was much stronger for me than the village scenes but that is only because those pursuit scenes on the mountain side made my heart race. Overall a great movie and a great ride.
One of the two brothers that wrote the movie (Will Gilbey) was in attendance after the screening to take Q&A. I strongly recommend this movie when it gets wide distribution but in the meantime check out the trailer below.  Note – the TAD film festival runs for a few more days so get out there and support good independent movies and follow their Twitter for updates

VERDICT: Incredible movie with some of the best cinematography ever captured on film! One part The Descent and one part The Bourne Identity.  8 out of 10.

A Lonely Place To Die; co-writer Will Gilbey during the Q&A

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4 Responses to A Lonely Place To Die – Toronto After Dark Film Festival

  1. Brandi Peach says:

    will there be a second part to the movie

  2. Brandi Hynes says:

    i love this movie and like to have a second part

  3. tmakworld says:

    I cant say I have heard about a second part being made.

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