Roger Waters and David Gilmour Together For A Fleeting Glimpse

Roger Waters and David Gilmour - London England

Roger Waters and David Gilmour – London England

May 12 2011 – Two bands shaped my childhood beyond any others, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Although both of them broke up in their original forms in the early to mid 80’s their individual living members are still quite active in various musical projects. Roger Waters who is the bassist, main lyricist and part singer of Pink Floyd has been taking his masterpiece album The Wall out on tour across the world in 2010/11. This concert is a spectacle in itself in that it reproduces the original concert tour as performed in 1980/81 (which by the way only played in 4 cities since it was just so massive and expensive). It has of course been updated technologically and features some of the most advanced lighting and concert effects ever seen. It is selling out everywhere across the world and it is my personal belief that it will be the last time the world will see such a mega production from the classic arena rock album (as all the musicians are approaching their 70’s).

Enough background – there was indications that although Roger Waters was doing this tour alone, the guitarist/singer from Pink Floyd’s golden years David Gilmour would be joining Roger on stage to perform Comfortably Numb (the epic guitar solo masterpiece that arguably is one of the best songs the band ever created). That much was public knowledge but what was not known was at which show David would show up at. The speculation would be in London since that is where David lives and is Pink Floyd’s home city. There were 6 concerts in London’s O2 arena scheduled for May 2011. I was fortunate enough to have seen The Wall on its opening night in my home town of Toronto, but I was even more fortunate to be in London during the first 3 shows. Thursday May 12th (the second of the six shows) turned out to be the night where David Gilmour and Roger Waters were on stage together in a mega rock spectacle that ensured every single person in the arena was up on their feet with jaws dropped (and even tears shed by many in the audience). Below is the video I captured of that epic moment in classic rock history.

PS – Forgive me for the shakiness when Gilmour first appears, as I was overwhelmed by the spectacle before me and focusing on recording it was not my top priority.

As if this wasn’t enough the final song of the night featured all three living members of Pink Floyd on stage with Nick Mason joining David Gilmour and Roger Waters.

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Verdict: The raw emotion of being there that night is beyond any possible verbal description.  All of us there that night hit the jackpot.

Review & Video – Terry Makedon

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8 Responses to Roger Waters and David Gilmour Together For A Fleeting Glimpse

  1. Anonymous says:

    YOU LUCKY S.O.B.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Roger Waters is number one! 8 nights in Argentina… wooooo

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would have loved to be there but I missed the show by 2 nights. I was at the show right after this one and we thought David would come back that night.

  4. Anonymous says:

    holy crap i would have pissed my pants

  5. Eddy S. says:

    Actually there were 9 nights, shattered previous record.

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